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Technology Hits the Window Treatment Industry

Years ago, my mom was amazed when we children bought her a new television with a remote control. Being able to change channels and control volume from her recliner was, according to her, as great as “sliced bread.” Not too many years after that, we celebrated her birthday by getting her a gas log system for her fireplace, again with a remote control for operation – again amazement and awe. If she were alive today, remote control of many other things would probably be a part of her life, and I think motorized shades for her windows would have been top on her list of great new innovations. (more…)


Blinds or Shades? Choosing the Best Look for Your Space

A good window treatment can really pull a room together, not to mention cut down on your energy bill, but choosing one can be daunting.  There are so many options available, each subtly different, that you may find yourself spoiled for choice or just plain confused.  In particular, people tend to think of blinds and shades as more or less interchangeable, especially if what both words call to mind for you are the utilitarian, white vinyl versions of each.  But blinds and shades are now available in a wide range of styles to suit every room.  Here are a few of the most popular. (more…)

Marcy Darby

New Senior Living Specialist

Marcy DarbyMarcy Darby has been named Senior Living Specialist for Sunshine Drapery and Interior Design, according to Bruce Bernstein, President.

Darby will report to Tina Ingrim, Head Designer for Senior Living Projects.

Most recently, Darby was Senior Interior Designer for HBE Corporation for thirty-five years.

The position is effective immediately.

Get more information on Sunshine’s Senior Living Services


Window Treatments for French Doors – So Many Options

I love French doors. In fact, when I purchased my last home, I had two sets of sliding glass doors opening onto my deck – one from the breakfast room and one from my bedroom. While sliding doors are certainly functional, they do not have the charm of French doors, and that is what I wanted. So, the first remodeling project was to replace those sliders with my favorite door types. The next decision, of course, was the type of window treatment I wanted on the interior that would both accent my new doors but, as well, be functional. After all, French doors have to be opened, so window/door treatments could not reduce the ease of that function. Drapes or curtains that covered them completely was certainly not an option. I considered many option, any of which can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, depending on the décor of the room in which the French doors reside. (more…)


Tips for Cleaning Arched and Unusually Shaped Windows

Window cleaning is rarely a fun job, but it is a necessity. Cleaning unusually shaped windows can be especially challenging. Some people choose to hire professionals to complete this difficult task. While this is a great option, it is possible to do it yourself and do it well. Here are some tips to help you clean all of your windows and notably, those tough arched windows . (more…)

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