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Indoor Shutters

If there weren’t benefits to the many window treatments available to us, they wouldn’t all be selected for the homes they furnish. But when choosing a window covering style for your own home, where do you even begin? (more…)


Window Treatment Tips To Suit Your Space

Blinds or shades? Drapes or café curtains? The biggest priority when choosing window treatments for your home is whether the space needs privacy or light, or both! These few tips can help you decide what would go better on the windows in your space. (more…)


What to Consider When Selecting Window Treatments for Kitchens

Besides being the heart of the home, the kitchen is also usually the room with the highest traffic. When choosing window treatments for kitchens, select those ones that can endure everyday wear and tear, as well as make your kitchen look warm and inviting. If you’re shopping for window treatments for your kitchen, here are some basic considerations. (more…)


Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

As I get older, I find myself looking for easier ways to prepare my house for holiday decorations and entertaining. And I have found some great “tricks” over the years that you may find helpful. (more…)


A Seasonal Wardrobe for Your Home

Everyone has wardrobes for the seasons. When the chilly weather of fall begins, we tend to empty our closets and drawers of the lightweight clothing and shoes of summer – the sandals, the shorts, the tank tops, the sundresses, the swimsuits, etc. and pull from storage the sweaters, sweats, pants, jackets, boots, and such of cold weather. This is normal and predictable. What if we did the same for our home decorations as well? How nice would it be for our homes to have a warm “feel” for cold weather, and a lighter “look” during warm months? You can, with some very basic changes! (more…)

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