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5 Ways to Insulate Your Windows and Save Money This Winter

The temperature is falling and the harsh reality of a cold hard winter is starting to settle in. You’ve probably already broke out your sweaters and heavy coats, but have you thought about your home? Adding some extra protection to your windows can not only help keep your home warm and cozy this winter, it can also save money on your heating bills. Here are 5 ways to prepare your windows for cold weather. (more…)

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The Pros and Cons of Choosing Vertical Blinds For Your Window Treatments

Choosing the proper window treatments involves a multitude of options. There are draperies, shutters, shades, and blinds. For many it comes down to a matter of personal style. Vertical blinds are often the go to option for large windows or sliding patio doors. When considering your options, there are many pros and cons to vertical blinds.


  • Simple to clean – Unlike drapes, blinds can be easily wiped down and cleaned without taking them down.
  • Easy to replace – If vertical blinds are damaged for any reason, single blind panels can be easily replaced inexpensively.
  • Better coverage – There are available in varying heights providing large surface coverage and protection from UV rays.
  • vertical blinds 2Easy to use – When used to cover a sliding patio door, the blinds can be partially opened to allow access to the door.
  • Added height – The height of the blinds can make small windows look larger. Tall windows look more sophisticated as the entire height and width of the window is covered.


  • Noise – When the blinds are opened, the vertical columns can collide in the swinging motion causing a disturbing noise. This same effect can occur from the wind of a fan or open window. This can be especially troubling if used in a bedroom.
    Wear and Tear – The constant swinging motion of opening and closing the blinds can cause significant wear and tear on the blind panels.
    Privacy – Gaps may occur where the blinds meet the wall comprising your privacy. Sunlight may seep in through these cracks or outsiders may be able to see inside the room.

There are pros and cons to choosing vertical blinds. For a larger window, they can be an ideal choice for affordability and coverage. They are easy to clean and inexpensive to repair.

However, they can create noise that some buyers find annoying. It is important to consider personal style and functionality when choosing a window treatment.

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Creative Window Treatments For Oddly Shaped Windows

Custom window treatments are one of the best investments homeowners can make. They add a finished look to a room, enhance architectural features, provide privacy and enhance energy efficiency. Designs can have formal elegance with layers of carefully crafted pleats and folds or the simple carefree touch of an artfully draped valance looped over an industrial pipe. Shutters and blinds come in a range of materials from natural wood to easy maintenance composite materials. Poles and finials range from intricately carved medallions to plain steel hooks. (more…)


How to Get the Most Out of Your Window Treatments

There are some gorgeous window treatments on design shows and show floors, but they are not all going to work for you. You have a unique home, and you will want to approach your windows with your own needs in mind. That is the only way that you can get windows that you can live with. (more…)


Indoor Shutters

If there weren’t benefits to the many window treatments available to us, they wouldn’t all be selected for the homes they furnish. But when choosing a window covering style for your own home, where do you even begin? (more…)

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