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Tips for Cleaning Arched and Unusually Shaped Windows

Window cleaning is rarely a fun job, but it is a necessity. Cleaning unusually shaped windows can be especially challenging. Some people choose to hire professionals to complete this difficult task. While this is a great option, it is possible to do it yourself and do it well. Here are some tips to help you clean all of your windows and notably, those tough arched windows . (more…)


To See or Not to See: Treatments for Atrium Windows

You’ve been enjoying the view from your sunroom windows. The hills in the distance, the water lapping at their base, the woods not far from the house and the manicured lawn leading to them fill you with serenity. The deer come to nibble at the lawn in the dusk, while the birds cavort through the trees. You even have rabbits timidly peeping through the foliage to see if it’s safe to feed in the twilight. You could sit in the sunroom forever and just watch the glories of nature and her creatures. The only problem with that scenario is the sun during the day. It doesn’t peep; it doesn’t gently dance in the breeze like the trees. No, it glares and punishes. How can you enjoy the view when the sun heats up the room so? Glad you asked. (more…)


Advantages of Decorating an Office Room’s Windows

Shopping for window treatments isn’t quite as exciting as looking at big screen televisions and home stereo systems. Homeowners tend to choose one solution for the entire house. While this may be quick and easy and can even save money, it doesn’t always make for the best solution functionally or design-wise. Instead of taking the one size fits all approach and ordering room after room of blinds or shutters, consider these advantages of decorating your home office with its own special scheme: (more…)


Decorating Office Room – Personalize your Space

Even if you don’t have a specific space set aside to use strictly as a home office, you can create your own office-like space in any room. By giving the area some separation, you can create a comfortable, efficient, space to use when you want to get some work done. (more…)


The Many Uses for Swag Window Treatments

If you’ve never incorporated the use of a swag on your windows, it is entirely possible that you have missed out on one of the most classic designs known to window treatments.  In the interior design world, swags have remained a constant point of elegance for centuries; and today’s design trends are no less enthusiastic over their simple, yet stunning effect on a room.  From Pinterest, to YouTube, swags are consistently hailed as one of window design’s most popular dressings. (more…)

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