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Safe & Easy Tips for Cleaning Draperies & Windows

It’s that time of year again to get all of the Winter stuff packed up, put away, and get the house organized. Start with these easy cleaning tricks and tips to get your home sparkling.

Get your glass, wooden blinds, custom draperies, furniture, and floors twinkling and as good as new in no time. Custom drapes can finish the look of a room, but coated in dirt and dust from dogs and kids, they can get downright scary. Don’t let harsh chemicals hold you back anymore. Try these tricks you may have never heard that will make cleaning, and revamping a total cinch! (more…)


Custom Draperies to make a Small Room Feel Spacious

It’s easy to notice the efforts happening all across America, efforts to change old habits, make new goals to improve the environment, and reduce our carbon footprint. From Obama’s new laws and stricter regulations, to increased sales in electric, fuel-efficient and hybrid cars, to homeowners planting gardens and buying solar panels, the progress is notable. More people are pairing down their lifestyles altogether, and showing that bigger isn’t necessarily better. (more…)

What to Consider When Choosing Drapery Panels

New drapery panels are ideal for making rooms look fresh and stylish. But before dashing off the to a window treatment store to buy your drapes, you’ll need to do some measuring and consider the various factors involved. Here are some of the significant considerations regarding buying drapery panels. (more…)

Freezing Weather Reminds Homeowners of the Benefits of Blackout Draperies

With the majority of the US under the grips of a cold front, millions of American’s are struggling to keep their homes warm without breaking their wallets. Wind chills reaching negative 40 are causing energy bills to soar and people to look for cost-effective ways to keep the cold out. It’s estimated that a third of home heating energy loss occurs through a home’s windows. Blackout drapery panels help insulate a home and save money on heating bills. (more…)


6 Tips on Keeping Your Home Secure

A home invasion is one of the worst and most traumatic things that can happen to a family. Not only does being burglarized cost you time and money, but it also takes away the peace of mind families should have within their home. That feeling of unease can be difficult and even impossible to shake. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and there are a few preventative methods you can take to save yourself and your family from having to go through the trauma of a home invasion. (more…)

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