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Why Vertical Blinds?

Back in April of 1952, two brothers by the names of Edward and Frederick Bopp patented the Venetian vertical blind. They started selling it through their company, Sun Verticals, and it took off in popularity as a window treatment. They were extremely low maintenance, and fit in very well in those little houses that were just spreading into suburbs in post-war America. Ultimately, Frederick and Edward Bopp sold their patent and company in the 1960’s. This allowed everyone to get in on the action.

These days, vertical blinds come in a variety of colors, materials and sizes, all designed to maximize their usefulness for your particular window. This is part of why this window treatment from the Baby Boomer’s Era has done so well for so long, but there are other reasons. (more…)


Decorating Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

As you sit slumped over the kitchen table holding a cup of hot coffee, you look around at your bare kitchen walls. We’ve always wondered why no one seems to think the kitchen should look as magazine-cover-perfect as the rest of the house. You obviously think like we do, because your family meets in the kitchen at least twice a day, your friends chat over coffee in the kitchen in addition to the kids’   homework and your home business being completed at the kitchen table. We know five ways of decorating kitchen walls and other areas that will jazz up the atmosphere. (more…)


Roman Shades: Decorate and Insulate Your Home For Fall

As summer fades, the temperature outside starts to decrease on a seemingly daily basis. Soon, warm sunshine gives way to cool, crisp air and flurries of colorful leaves fill the yard. It’s the perfect time to think about doing some seasonal changes to your décor. One of the quickest, easiest changes you can make is new window treatments. Changing out lighter curtains, or blinds, for roman shades will not only give your room a fresh look, but it will also help to insulate your home from the impending cold. (more…)


The Right Window Shades for Decorating Your Bathroom

When deciding how to decorate your bathroom, there are two things you will want it to have when it’s complete: style and privacy. Window shades offer the perfect opportunity to accomplish both, by adding a unique flair to your space as well as making it as private as you want it to be. There are hundreds of different designs to consider, and the options can be overwhelming. However, with keeping your vision in mind and doing a little bit of research, you’ll be sure to find the right choice for you. There are a number of options to consider, and here are a few you might want to look into: (more…)

feng-shui-bedroom-colors-romance (1)

Decorating your Bedroom, with a Feng-shui Flow

There is an age old saying, that “good things come in 3’s”. If this statement has an ounce of truth; then, decorating is certainly a wonderful place to apply this theory.

Follow “The Flow”

As in life, decorating works from the premise, that everything is about balance. The term balance, can be also be comprised as flow, harmony and Feng-shui. Yet, balance typically happens as a result of equal parts; in terms of decor, that is not the case. Two items of similarity in a room; tend not to have the same impact, as adding a 3rd piece. Suddenly, the room goes from symmetry, to tide.

Decorating a bedroom, is profoundly important. It is your central area of creativity. It can range from a paramount point of family gatherings, to a joyful retreat. But, ultimately; it is, uniquely your place of tranquility. (more…)

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