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Man-Caves, She-Sheds, & Pub-Sheds Oh My!

For years it seems men have been the ones needing a space all of their own, closed off from the commotion of the rest of the house where they can decompress. Until now that is, women are joining in on the fun, and taking their turn in creating a little in-home, or on the property getaway. And their answer back to the beloved man-cave is a cozy little decked out space called a she-shed. What’s more, home-brewers, whiskey-lovers, and wine aficionados aren’t being left out either with their own rendition called a pub-shed. (more…)


What to Do with Bow Windows

A previous post covered the difference between bow windows (also known as compass windows) and bay windows and determined that they make an excellent addition to your home. Let us say, though, that you already have bow windows. Perhaps they came with the house, or may be you already have them installed. Now what will you do with the extra space they provide? After all, the arch the windows create protrude beyond the walls of the house. It’s not often a big space, but it does provide many decorating possibilities. (more…)


Think Outside the Box with Custom Cornice Design

“Form follows function – that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

Cornices are the ultimate expression of the “union” of form and function. Cornices made from wood or fabric integrate all your windows seamlessly into the character of a room and reflect the overarching style of your home. The sky is the limit with options for your window cornices – matching or contrasting styles, hard or soft, not to mention limitless choices in texture, color and size. (more…)


The Benefits Of Window Cornices For Your Home

Traditionally, cornice is often used in reference to the decorative corner moldings on the outside ledges of buildings or homes. However, it can also be used to describe a hard or soft window treatment, which is built onto the tops of windows in the interior of the home.

These types of window treatments are designed to cover up the blind or shade mechanism at the top of the window, while also blending in with the interior of the home. It typically consists of a box either with drapery or fabric along the bottom and sides, or padding the box itself. When covered with padding and fabric, they are known as soft cornices. However, they can also exist as styled wood with no fabric; these are known as hard cornices. (more…)


Cellular Shades: Save Money, Add Beauty & Practicality

Cellular window shades, also known as Honeycomb shades, are a beautiful addition to any room or home and can also save energy, which in turn saves you money. According to the US Department of Energy, the use of blinds or shades can reduce heat gain in the summertime or loss in wintertime, by around 45%, especially with the air pocket, air trapping design of these cellular shades. (more…)

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