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Indoor Shutters: Versatile & Good Looking

If there weren’t benefits to the many window treatments available to us, they wouldn’t all be selected for the homes they furnish. But when choosing a window covering style for your own home, where do you even begin?

When it comes to window treatments, shutters are one that can be fixed to the outside or to the inside of your window. The difference is very simple: Outdoor shutters are anchored to the outer window frames and are usually stationary in modern architecture or of a limited mobility on classic homes, while those meant for indoor use are made more functional by ease of access. Either way, shutters are of the most cost-efficient and aesthetically enduring window treatments.

Outer shutters serve their purposes very well under some circumstances, but in terms of versatility, style, and accessibility, indoor shutters are unmatched. (more…)


Waking Up a “Tired” Room

Your furniture is still in good shape; your carpeting and/or area rugs are not ready for replacement, and you cannot justify replacing your expensive window treatments when they are only a few years old. And yet, your room looks “tired” and you are tired of it. There are many ways to re-awaken that tired room, however, without spending a bucket load of money! (more…)

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Upholstery Selection – Getting Outside the Box

When you love a piece of furniture, you have a difficult decision to make as that piece ages. Do you discard it and try to find a replacement that you will love just as much, or do you look for ways to keep the piece by “re-doing” it. Certainly, an old wooden piece, such as a desk or a table, can be sanded and refinished or painted, transforming it into a great “new” piece, with minimal effort and price. When it comes to upholstered furniture, however, a renovation may entail quite a bit more. (more…)


Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Whether you have a small apartment, an individually small room, or you have chosen to downsize and live in a much smaller home, you will need to take that small space and make it well-organized and give it a roomier look. Because smaller living space has become a more popular contemporary lifestyle, it is important to research ways in which a small space can be fully utilized and ‘expanded.” The following tips may help you with decorating more wisely: (more…)

Sunshine custom bedding and window treatments

Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Bedding from Sunshine is Healthy and Wise

Almost everybody wants to kick things up a notch in the bedroom – with bedding that is! Custom bedding is what transforms an ordinary bedroom into one that’s rich and luxurious. The question is, how do you add bling to your bed without it looking overdone or ridiculous? Shh! We’ll let you in on a little secret. Creating an amazing bed requires three basic elements – functionality, top of bed and loft. Here’s how the designers do it. (more…)

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