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Bow Windows vs. Bay WIndows

Bow windows or bay windows? This question is as common in home design as “White or wheat?” is in bread choices. Similarly, which one you pick depends on what it’s going with.

The two types are similar in that they both project from your house and add to the feeling of a more spacious room. Both capture more daylight than a flat window, and both are very appealing to potential buyers. There are also differences: (more…)


From Shelves to Shutters – Creative Kids Room Do-overs

Creating a great room for your kid’s space is an adventure full of options and possibilities.

Here are a few tips to help the experience be more pleasure, less pain.

Choose a backdrop, or wall color, that is timeless. In other words, choose a hue that is pastel or in the tan or grey families. This will help you transition the space from childhood to teen-life with ease. Your background color serves as a base for all of the wonderful, personality filled trimmings you will add to the room. (more…)


Decorating Fabric For Draperies To Make Them Unique

Are you hitting a wall with your redecorating project and do not know how to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary?  Often, it is difficult to find drapery or curtains that are made with fabrics that are truly one-of-a-kind, but there are solutions to set them apart from the rest. To get a better idea of ways for decorating fabrics that will make them stand apart from the rest, there are several trending ideas that you will not want to overlook. (more…)


10 Reasons to Use Shutters in Your Home

Are you looking to add elegance and ambiance to the windows of your home? Consider adding modern interior shutters. Interior shutters are making a comeback in today’s contemporary homes. We have many styles to choose from, and we are sure to have a design that fits your lifestyle. Shutters provide atmosphere and sophistication to any room of your home, but there are several other reasons to consider when thinking about adding them to your windows. Here are 10 reasons to keep in mind: (more…)


Ideas for Old Drapery Panels

It happens often. Your husband grabs an old curtain from the closet in which you’re saving them for other things. He uses it to lie on the driveway as he drains the oil from the car or slides under it to repair or replace something important. The kids snatch an old curtain whose pattern you love but you’re thinking of something to make out of it. They use it as a rug in their tree house. Two things stand out from this scenario. One is that you should hide your old curtains and two is we can help you make something from them immediately after you take them down. (more…)

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