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Cellular Shades: Save Money, Add Beauty & Practicality

Cellular window shades, also known as Honeycomb shades, are a beautiful addition to any room or home and can also save energy, which in turn saves you money. According to the US Department of Energy, the use of blinds or shades can reduce heat gain in the summertime or loss in wintertime, by around 45%, especially with the air pocket, air trapping design of these cellular shades. (more…)


The Wonders of Cellular Shades

Modern technological advancement has created Cellular Shades. Also known as Honeycomb blinds or Cellular blinds, they are a beautiful alternative to ordinary blinds. They got their name from the empty air pockets running parallel to their seams. The manufacture of these blinds involve joining two separate sheets of fabric or other material that oppose each other; one side faces inside, the other side faces outside. (more…)


Decorating Fabric: Make Any Space More Luxurious

Gorgeous furniture, custom-made draperies, just the right color scheme: all these things add up to a beautiful room. To make your already beautiful spaces even more luxurious, consider adding more layers with high-quality decorating fabric.


Throw pillows are simple to make, yet they can add a dramatic touch when created from sumptuous materials. Add some trim for an even richer look. (more…)


Bow Windows vs. Bay WIndows

Bow windows or bay windows? This question is as common in home design as “White or wheat?” is in bread choices. Similarly, which one you pick depends on what it’s going with.

The two types are similar in that they both project from your house and add to the feeling of a more spacious room. Both capture more daylight than a flat window, and both are very appealing to potential buyers. There are also differences: (more…)


From Shelves to Shutters – Creative Kids Room Do-overs

Creating a great room for your kid’s space is an adventure full of options and possibilities.

Here are a few tips to help the experience be more pleasure, less pain.

Choose a backdrop, or wall color, that is timeless. In other words, choose a hue that is pastel or in the tan or grey families. This will help you transition the space from childhood to teen-life with ease. Your background color serves as a base for all of the wonderful, personality filled trimmings you will add to the room. (more…)

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