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How to Create a Well Dressed Bed

It’s the dilemma facing millions of homeowners who are in the process of updating their bedrooms – What is the proper way to create a

Not Your Grandma’s Roller Shades

When someone says “roller shades”, do you think white vinyl with decorative fringe on the bottom? I know! Your grandmother loved these practical window treatments.

A Sleek Vertical Solution

Do you have a sliding patio door or a room with a large expanse of glass that cries out for a vertical window treatment?  Are

Creating the Perfect Teen Bedroom

Moldy pizza boxes and rock posters aren’t the only accessories in teen bedrooms these days.  An entire market of expensive home furnishings and trendy goods

Personalize Your Bedroom

Too often, we decorate the rest of the house and plan on doing the bedroom – someday. We forget this room is where we begin

Planning for the Holidays

I hate walking into stores the week before Labor Day where they are already stocking for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It seems we don’t get to