Easy Window Treatment Options for General Contractors

Contractors who are working on office buildings or homes like us because we can provide the cost-effective, turnkey solutions they need in window treatments.

We understand that general contractors work with a variety of decisions, and will lead the way toward contemplating city codes and regulations that govern certain sizes of windows and what can or should not be covered. We especially will focus on providing details for fire-retardant products that can scale up to meet the needs of building projects.

How To Make The Most of Family Heirlooms

Family heirlooms can be passed down from generation to generation, if properly kept. These treasures mean more than any digital photograph from last year’s Fourth of July party. They are items that link us to our past in ways that are often indescribable and can often provide insight into our family history.

Perhaps you have a doll that your grandma used to play with or letters from your grandfather to your grandmother during the war or even a piece of furniture passed down from your great grandparents, through the generations, to you. Regardless of what it is, taking care of family heirlooms are the key to passing them on to the next generation.

Best Window Treatments to Choose For TV/Media Rooms

Window treatments in television or media rooms can be decorative as well as durable and functional. Whether needing to adjust light for a better TV picture or opening windows to permit more ventilation, window treatments should allow uncomplicated access and easy use of the windows in these type of high-traffic rooms. For making decisions about drapes, curtains, shades or shutters, we’re happy to help you find a perfect window treatment for your own “social room.”

Traditionally, TV rooms were walled-off areas set aside for viewing television. A common goal was to be able to darken the area for optimal TV viewing. Some people prefer to dedicate a space for a home theater room that replicates a cinema experience, hence the attention to blocking the amount of light.