Transform Your Space With The Power of Lines

The lines of an outfit may make you look taller, shorter, wider or thinner. The lines of a room do the same exact thing to transform your space into a thing of beauty through decorations, window treatments and your architecture.

Vertical Lines

Vertical lines have a stately presence that draws the eye from the floor to the ceiling. They can make a room seem formal with a sense of grandeur. Vertical lines make a room seem taller and make wide spaces seem narrower. To achieve this effect with window treatments you can place long sleek drapes on the outside edges of a picture window.

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Which Window Treatment Fabric Suits You

In general, one can select from among four types of fabric for window treatments:  cotton, linen, polyester and silk. Our interior designers can assist you with determining which window treatment material best suits your personality, functional objectives and desired ambiance.

Fabric is an essential part of choosing window treatments. The higher the quality of the fabric, the longer your window treatments will last and function well. Using a solid lining also helps prolong the life of your curtains and shades.

Because window treatments are much more than just window coverings, our team is ready to help you determine which fabric type best provides the required privacy, light control, insulation and desired style to your rooms’ decor.

Following are key considerations about the four fabric types.

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Interior Design Choices for Your March Birthday

What better birthday present is there than a remodel and redesigned room for your March birthday? Choosing a paint color can be a huge task, there are literally thousands on the market and by different paint companies too. It may help for you to make a choice designed around the ever increasingly popular paint colors of the month.

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What Your Window Treatment Color Says About Your Personality

Have you ever thought of what makes your home unique from all others and reflects your own style and personality? Colors that you use in draperies and window treatments as well as your colors in accent items are what make your home yours.

Color Psychology Explained

Different colors are great for evoking different feelings in your home. They affect your mood and level of alertness in each room that you enter. There are hundreds of variations available in custom drapery fabrics from very light to very dark colors too. The main colors to describe your personality are discussed below.

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The Hottest Decorating Trends Your Home Needs Right Now

With each new year, new color and textiles enter the home decorating market to update your home in style. Some of the items are updated from the past while others are brand new and exciting.

Color Trend of the Year

Pantone announces the color of the year for 2017 to be Greenery. This shade of green is a light yellowish-green to symbolize the beginning of spring when everything is emerging outside. The other colors to coordinate with it are immense. Since Greenery is claimed to be nature’s neutral palette, you can mix other shades of greens, blues, bright colors of any type and demure light colors as well.

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