A Grownup Kitchen At Last

Back in the days of your first apartment, furnishings were whatever you could liberate from your parent’s basement or attic. Hand-me-down tables, chairs with wobbly legs, curtains from the 1950s, and TV stands with only a few scratches and dings were all greatly appreciated. When there was no budget for something as frivolous as matching…

Making the Most of Your Holiday Décor

Does the thought of decorating your home for the holidays make your palms sweat? Especially, when you page through any December issue of a home décor magazine? Loaded with pictures of beautifully decorated fireplace mantels, dining room tables and staircases, it’s enough to make a person’s eyes cross with envy. “How did they do that?”…

Nursing Home

The Changing Face in Senior Housing Communities.

As an interior designer for communities made for senior living in Florida, I am continually amazed at the “transformation” I witness within the senior living communities. While new construction in the residential market struggles to gain momentum, new development communities for Senior living are on the rise. Visit and get more information.