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Personalize Your Bedroom

Too often, we decorate the rest of the house and plan on doing the bedroom – someday. We forget this room is where we begin

Planning for the Holidays

I hate walking into stores the week before Labor Day where they are already stocking for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  It seems we don’t get to

Decorating for the Holidays

The harsh summer sun has finally given way and we are enjoying milder fall weather.  Our focus is getting less and less on outdoor activities

Measuring Your Windows for Panels

In today’s uncertain economic times, many homeowners and interior designers are selecting quality fabrics from Sunshine Drapery, and opting to sew their own draperies at

New Vertical Looks for Your Home either love them or you dislike them.  Are they still “in”?  Let’s put it this way: they still sell.  But what we have found