Decorating Basement Windows: Less May Be More

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Decorating basement windows requires a slightly different approach than regular windows found above ground in a home or apartment. Typically, homeowners and garden view apartment dwellers find it challenging to bring in natural light to an otherwise darkened area. We offer free estimates on Basement Development you just need to contact us and we will be right away.


In the case of areas with dim natural lighting, scaling down window treatments in order to allow as much light in as possible may be the wisest choice. Typically, underground windows are smaller than those found above ground. Drapes or curtains that are slightly below the length of the window will still provide a finished look to a room without overwhelming smaller windows. For those that prefer to let in as much natural light as possible, a simple valance and a decorative curtain rod may be enough to add a punch of color and/or pattern to their decor.


Generally speaking, it is more difficult for outsiders to see into underground windows. However, for some, privacy concerns may still be an issue, particularly for those with homes built quite close to other homes in the neighborhood or those living in apartment buildings with nearby public walkways. In order to alleviate any privacy concerns, window blinds are a perfect addition for basement windows. When the blinds are not needed they can be discretely tucked away behind a valance. When privacy is preferred in the evenings for example, blinds do an excellent job of preventing any unwanted attention from passersby.


There are so many styles, patterns and colors available in the drapery world today. Basement windows and their drapery treatments are now able to provide great functionality, in addition to adding beauty and great design to any home.
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