Children and Shades

Keeping Your Kids Safe Around Blinds and Shades

There is a common known fact that windows with shades and blinds can pose a potential hazard to children because of the cords on them. Whether the cord is inside or just a simple pull cords in the front or the rear, they can become looped around a child’s neck and cause strangulation. Most of the time the strangulation in Roman shades happens when a child places his or her neck between the fabric and the rear cords. In the simple roll up blinds, strangulation occurs when the child’s neck becomes entangled in the freestanding loop. It is extremely important that parents and anyone who has children visitors must examine their blinds closely to make sure there are absolutely no cords that can be accessible to children. You must always check every possible area, such as front, side, center and rear of blinds to make sure all cords are out of reach.