Whether you have a small bathroom or a master bathroom, they both require more decorating.  Properly outfitting a bathroom calls for more than towels. A bathroom also needs window coverings. In fact, window coverings in a bathroom may be the most important feature if a homeowner wants to ensure privacy. Style and privacy can both be had in a bathroom, whether small or master. Start by choosing a theme. Should the bath be a spa retreat? How about a contemporary haven? Perhaps, sleek like a piece of modern art? Or how about a rustic feel, but keep all the modern amenities? Next, choose a palette of favorite colors such as rich, vibrant shades, comforting earth tones or soothing blues and greens.

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Whatever the choice, fabrics can be found to incorporate and integrate the theme and colors into the perfect window treatment that will complement the overall design of the room without sacrificing style for privacy or privacy for style. It is possible to have it all when experts are at your side to lend a helping hand.

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Windows, lots of moisture, and a dire need of privacy requires special considerations when selecting the perfect window treatment for these essential rooms. A rarely used guest bath needs window coverings just as much as the daily used main bath or the en suite bath in the master bedroom.

The type of window treatment selected will depend on two things; functionality and design. Guest baths tend to resemble a hotel bath—clean and functional. The master bedroom en suite tends to share aspects of a luxurious spa. The main bath, where the kids are bathed needs to be durable and scrubbable!

Fabric selection and a functional style are major components of choosing the right window treatment for a bathroom. Let an expert at Sunshine Drapery® assist you in making the right choice.