Vertical Blinds Help Block the Sun’s Harmful Rays

Owners of newer homes with large-sized windows know all too well how the sun can pour through, with the glass magnifying the sun’s rays.  This is why many homeowners opt to install vertical blinds in their homes’ windows.  Ideal for larger sized windows and patio or sliding glass doors, vertical blinds can greatly reduce your interiors’ exposure to the sun.

With vertical blinds homeowners have the ability to control the light that comes into their home.  When rooms get too much heat in the summer they are harder to keep cool and the result is more work for your air conditioner and higher utility bills.  With quality vertical blinds homeowners can save up to 20 percent on electric and air conditioning costs.  These same vertical blinds also save homeowners money during the winter months.  By keeping the windows covered, less heat will escape resulting in lower heating and fuel bills.  When you can control the amount of light that comes into a room, you also reduce the damage that can be done to your furniture by UV rays.  Vertical blinds keep your furniture and fabrics looking vibrant much longer.

Vertical blinds are window shields or coverings that act as a curtain with wider slats and an added feature of being able to pull a cord to stack the slats together either to one side or to separate in the center and stack on each end.  Vertical blinds allow rotation of slats by a rotating shaft in the upper head rail housing that runs through independent geared carriers that rotate each individual slat in synchrony.  Vertical blinds are less likely to be damaged in strong winds or hold dirt.  They require less muscle strength and are faster and easier to operate than horizontal blinds.

Choosing the Right Vertical Blinds

When it comes to choosing the vertical blinds that are right for you, you’ll want to keep material, size and color in mind.  Selecting the proper materials to suit your space helps to ensure your vertical blinds will be substantial enough to work with other design elements in the space.  Resin-backed fabric may be the best fit if you’re after a thinner and lighter look whereas heavy duty plastic is a better option if you’re after a higher level of privacy.  


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Size and color are also important factors.  Smaller windows call for petite vertical blinds whereas larger rooms can better accommodate wider slats to be in scale with the rest of the space.  While off white was once the only option for vertical blinds, it’s possible to purchase a wide range of colors and color combinations today.  Jewel tones, pastels and any other shade you can imagine make it possible to match your other window treatments and accents in the room found in upholstery, rugs and pillows.

Once you have become familiar with all your options, you can select the vertical blinds that enhance the look of your space and provide satisfaction for many years to come.

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