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Upgrade Your Business or Office with Sleek and Modern 1 and 2 Inch Blinds

Their sleep and modern appearance make 1 and 2 inch blinds a popular choice for businesses and offices. They are available in a wide range of materials, including aluminum, vinyl, and wood, allowing you to choose the look and feel that is right for your space. 

1 and 2 inch blinds are also highly functional, as they can be easily adjusted to control the amount of light and privacy in the space. They are available in cordless and motorized options, making them convenient and easy to use. 1 and 2 inch blinds are a practical and stylish choice for any business or office, and can help to create a cohesive and professional atmosphere in your workspace.

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1 and 2 Inch Blinds Control Light and Provide Privacy

Along with controlling the light allowed in a room, 1 and 2 inch horizontal blinds are effective at managing the temperature in your rooms too.  Horizontal 1 and 2 inch blinds are manufactured in several different designs and make use of a variety of materials.

Custom Matched to Your Wood Tones

If you’re going for a traditional look in your room, 2 inch wood horizontal blinds come in a variety of stains to match moldings, hardwood floors and other varnished woods.  Horizontal wood blinds can be re-stained as necessary though most stains are sealed to protect the finish from fading and condensation from window panes during cold weather.  Wood horizontal blinds effectively block light and make it easier to keep your rooms cool during warmer weather and warmer during the winter months.  Wood blinds can last for decades with very little maintenance.

Economical Options

Vinyl 1 inch horizontal blinds are another option.  While more economical versions are available in white or off-white, some manufacturers produce vinyl blinds in light blue and forest green.  Vinyl blinds are also available in decorator colors and prints through a special order.  Thinner 1 inch slats are often referred to as mini blinds or micro blinds.  Solid blinds are another type of vinyl blind that roll up rather than lift with a cord. 

Benefits of 1 and 2 Inch Vinyl Blinds

One of the benefits of vinyl blinds is the ability to use them with other window treatments to create a variety of looks.  In rooms that have west-facing windows, multiple sets of blinds may be called for.  With multiple sets of blinds mounted on a single head rail, you have more flexibility adjusting the light.  Along with the blinds blackout privacy liners can darken a room and assist in providing privacy.

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Upgrade Your Look With Ease

Vinyl blinds make it easy to change the look of your windows.  You can have a whole new look by simply switching the valance and shears.  This is especially helpful for folks who want their home to match the seasons.  Vinyl blinds are easy to clean.  Most of the time you’ll simply have to dust them off and hot soapy water will take care of most stains.  And spray cleaners won’t ruin their finish.  Vinyl blinds are ideal for bathroom windows because they are resistant to mold and mildew.

Unique Looks for Your Space

A third option used on horizontal blinds in homes and offices are color tapes chosen to accent the slat color.  Vinyl blinds also come with textures or patterns to further expand your options.  Or, a fabric edge band can be added or paired with a valence or cornice.  For windows with unique configurations specialty shapes can be ordered.

Whether you choose wood or vinyl horizontal blinds for your home or office, both are an effective way to control the light and temperature in a room.  With horizontal blinds you’ll protect your furniture and fabrics from harmful UV rays while maintaining privacy.