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Boost Productivity and Creativity in the Workplace with the Right Window Treatments

Ask any employer what they want from their employees and they’ll say loyalty and bright ideas to bolster the business.  Unfortunately, many of these employers have office buildings with dull, cold and dark spaces that literally dampen the morale of their employees and stifle creativity.  Research has shown that sunlight releases natural endorphins that improve emotional balance and mood, creating the perfect conditions for creativity and the flow of ideas.  One of the easiest ways to breathe life into your office space is with the right window treatments.

When it comes to increasing workforce productivity, many employers have opted for blinds. This cost-effective product has been around for decades and offers great light control. Vinyl mini blinds make it easy to change the look of your windows. You can have a whole new look by simply switching the valance and sheers. Vinyl blinds are also easy to clean.  Most of the time you’ll simply have to dust them off and hot soapy water will take care of most stains.  And spray cleaners won’t ruin their finish.

Another option for office buildings is cellular or honeycomb shades.  Many west-facing office buildings are bombarded with heat during the summer and a piercing glare in the winter.  Cellular or honeycomb shades are a great option for offices that have an abundance of windows.  Not only do cellular or honeycomb shades filter the light, but they also provide a substantial barrier between the summer heat and your office space which can reduce your cooling costs during the summer months.  The semi-opaque material also blocks harmful UV rays.  And when the sun sits lower on the horizon in the winter this same semi-opaque material eliminates the glare that frequently reflects onto computer screens while insulating windows against the cold.

While some office buildings have an overabundance of windows, others have few windows.  While glare and heat still need to be controlled, the light coming through these windows needs to be maximized to brighten the office space.  By preserving the view outside you’ll make a small office space feel less isolated, more open, and larger.  For office buildings faced with this set of challenges, solar shades are the perfect solution.  Solar shades have varying levels of openness, can cut glare, and filter light.  Solar shades give employees a view to the outside during the day while preserving their privacy.  Solar shades also retract fully and leave window openings uncluttered because they have the ability to disappear under fascia making them ideal for smaller office spaces.  For media rooms solar shades can be motorized for more impressive presentations to clients.

Cellular shades and solar shades provide a professional looking style for office spaces.  Cellular shades work well in cozy office spaces where creating an inviting atmosphere is an important part of the business.  Solar shades create a modern, cutting edge look and are better for firms, art studios, publishers and other corporations.  Whether you choose mini blinds, cellular shades or solar shades, you can improve the look and atmosphere in your office space by giving your employees the opportunity to control the light entering their work space which will support their creativity and boost their productivity. 

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