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Protecting Schools and Universities with the Right Window Coverings: Security, Technology, and Budgetary Concerns

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All classrooms as well as dorm rooms and offices need to have some type of coverage.  With the world changing every day with unfortunately threats to safety as well as the utilization of technology in the classrooms, the days of simply getting any type of product for the window just does not work anymore.

Security threats have caused school districts to place shades in classrooms that have very little openness factors.  This allows for privacy when someone is looking from outside, yet it allows from the inside to slightly see out.  The protection from screen shades allows for light control too so teachers can utilize the smart boards and the use of technology in the classroom.

Many schools also have for lack of better words side light windows next to the doors.  These too now have to be covered as “lock down” procedures must be adhered to in the case of an intruder in a school.  Screen shades are certainly not the end all product for windows as schools must also take into consideration budgetary constraints.  Therefore, vinyl roller shades or even two inch faux wood blinds become another option.

All products have their pros and cons like anything and school administrators must consider these and budgets when looking at product for the windows.  Sunshine Drapery® has installed window coverings at Lindenwood University, St. Louis Public Schools, Washington University, Gillespie School District in Illinois, Ferguson Florrisant, MICDS in West County just to name a few.

Our biggest project to date was a 1300 window facility in St. Louis public schools as no project is too small or large for our team to handle.  Schools and Universities contract work with our company either directly or through a General Contractor.  New or remodeled facilities are part of what we do.

Feel free to contact our commercial design staff at (314) 569-2980 to schedule a consultation and explore options for your specific situation. 

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