Bow windows are a beautiful window treatment style.

If you are fortunate to have a bow window in your home, you know how graceful and elegant they are. With the right window treatment, they make the room look bigger, brighter and more exquisite. Here are some tips to maximize your bow window.

  • Consider the style of your home’s décor. Is your decorating style Traditional, Country, Modern or Eclectic?
  • Think about the color and texture of the fabric you are using in your window treatments. Does it fit the overall theme of the room?
  • Remember, the treatment will be seen from the outside as well as the inside. Is the treatment consistent with others on the same side of the house or different stories?

There are different options for treating bow windows… each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Each pane in the window’s curve could have a shade of its very own. This maximizes privacy in the room.

You could soften that look with individual café curtains instead.  While they provide less privacy, they are a stylish, period look. The right roman shades can complement a modern or transitional décor.

SD Drapery Bow Window 012

Shutters installed over bow windows provide privacy and creates a very traditional style. Alone or paired with draperies, you can shape a cozy sanctuary for reading or meditation.

Bow windows are beautiful, but they can be a decorating challenge. Left unadorned, it will look bare and dull. Window treatments reduce the sunlight coming in, thereby protecting your furniture, art and collectibles from the sun’s damaging rays. They are also essential in preserving your family’s privacy.