Cornices Are Custom Upholstered For Your Windows and Are Made Out of Wood, Batting and Your Choice From 1,000’s of Types of Fabric

A window cornice is a box like wooden valance that is crafted from wood, batting and a fabric of your choice. It mounts to the wall above your window for a type of layering affect on a window. It can be paired with soft window treatments such as shades, blinds, or drapery panels. 

You may also use it alone for a more formal look to a room. Cornices work great in rooms that have little architectural interest to add stylish detailing to a room. They can make a room more elegant and finished in appearance, especially if you have no window trim or crown molding.

A window cornice may be a simple box shape or can be dramatic with the design styles of curves and scallops to customize your window treatments. At Sunshine, we carry the largest variety of fabrics and trim, buttons and nail heads to give you unlimited possibilities in a window cornice to truly make your design an element of your personality.

In addition to the design factor, there are some very practical reasons to install window cornices. The normal placement on the wall is about 2 inches wider than the window or drapery rod.  The length of the cornice is generally about one-fifth to one-sixth the length of the window. 


SD Drapery Cornice 032

However, you can make the window look much taller if the cornice is longer and placed higher on the wall above the window. If you want your ceiling to look taller, you can have a shorter cornice placed barely above the curtain rods. 

Cornices also hide ugly, plain curtain rods or the tracks of blinds so they are not seen and instead everyone sees a work of art. Also, the addition of a cornice over full drapery panels controls the heat loss at the top of the window because it traps it next to the window in summer and traps cold air in the same manner in the winter. This gives you a much more energy efficient home and lowers your energy bills all year round.