Dining rooms are one of the most underused rooms in a home, especially if the home has an eat-in kitchen or a breakfast bar. However, because a room is used on only a few occasions doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve special decorating style. In fact, many people see the seldom-used dining room as a place to go all out since it is typically used for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah or Christmas when extended family get together.

The formal furnishings of a dining room can be complemented with equally lavish window treatments or contrasted with window treatments that feature clean, straightforward lines. Color choices can range from rich jewel tones to the simplicity of white or black. Fabric selection can be something as heavy as velvet to something as light as lace.

Not only do window treatments need to look good, they must also function. They provide privacy, and prevent sun damage to carpets. Perhaps, even more importantly they may also need to protect a family heirloom such as great grandmother’s sideboard or buffet from the drying effects of too much sun. Factoring in the number of windows and their orientation to the sun is another facet of the design which must be considered.

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