Living rooms have gone through changes over the decades. Once upon a time, they were an active part of the household where the family gathered to listen to the radio or converse. After that, they transformed into formal parlors where only important guests were entertained. During this time, the living room/parlor became a living museum. They transformed again a few decades after that and became known as family rooms where once again the family gathered, but this time to watch television.

As architecture and prosperity caught up with family needs, new houses were constructed that included a family room, once again relegating the living room to a formal room used only on occasion.
Regardless of how a living room is used, it must still be furnished and decorated, and that includes window coverings. Window treatments are available that make a statement as to the purpose of the living room. Formal, structured draperies of luxurious fabrics fit well into a formal setting. Less structure combined with more durable fabrics give the impression that the room is to be used.

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