At the end of a long day at work or working at home, it’s a wonderful feeling to retreat to the master bedroom knowing that an oasis of relaxation and comfort awaits. A well-decorated and designed master bedroom helps to ease away the stress of the day as you drift off in well-deserved and much needed restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Many people experience sleep disturbances by light entering a room, especially those who work second or third shifts or keep a schedule that requires twelve to twenty-four hours on duty. Those who must sleep during daylight hours often have difficulty dozing off or when they do are awakened by noise from normal daylight activities such as the mailman or garbage truck.

A solution to the first problem is room darkening shades. These shades will block the sunlight making it easier to doze off. The second problem of noise can be remedied with heavy drapes that muffle everyday noise making it more likely to stay asleep.

If neither of these is a problem, then décor takes on a less functional necessity, but doesn’t make it any less important. Having a pleasant, calming room is important to restorative sleep.

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