An office is a statement of professionalism. Whether it’s located at a separate place of business or at home, either location gives the public a glimpse into the person or people who work there. Employees take cues from their surroundings and will behave with more professionalism if they work in a place that looks like it means business.

Clients base a lot of their decisions on visual clues. If a client takes a meeting in an office that seems thrown together with a lack of planning and purpose, they can only assume the same will apply to the work being done there. While a prospective client may be willing to accept a certain lack of décor style in a business located apart from the home, they are less willing to do so with those that are home based.

The best solution to keeping motivated employees and impressing new and ongoing clientele in a home based business is to always present a professional image of your office space. This goes beyond computers and filing systems. It also includes furnishings and window treatments that convey a sense of know-how and proficiency.

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Don’t let a tattered shade or hand-me-down draperies lose an account for you. Let your office reflect your own level of professionalism and efficiency with the expert assistance of Sunshine Drapery®.