Bay Window Draperies

Bay Windows Bring in Beautiful, Natural Light

Bay windows are an architectural treat in any home. They look graceful and let natural light into your rooms. Bay window treatments offer you complete control over this abundance of light while they draw attention to the elegant feature.

A Double Treat

You can create a layered look with drapery panels to cover the mullions as well as add a privacy treatment for each window if necessary. Options for privacy are abundant. Roman shades, cellular shades, roller shades, and faux wood blinds are all examples of what can be used.

Smart and Sweet

Bay windows in a bedroom allow extra light in for a feeling of comfort and warmth. There are times that opening and closing draperies are applicable for a bay window.

Draperies depending on the weight of the fabric can even be put on simple traversing white rodding and opening from the center or a one way draw. One must consider when doing this whether they want black out lining or not. One must also consider how the draperies when opened will stack off the windows as this will play a role in deciding if this is the right option.

Otherwise, the option mentioned above with panels down the mullions and separate privacy for each window is more than applicable. Or one may have privacy on each window and have a simple nice valance above that fits the bay. For added depth, panels may also be applied.

Strategic and Subtle

If the room in your home with bay windows has beautiful molding surrounding them, you will want that feature to be displayed. You can hang window treatments at the ceiling to add height to a room and space them strategically so as not to cover the molding. In this case, a light and flowing fabric with a delicate floral pattern will not overtake the room.

Speak with Specialist for the Best Design

Outside the Bay

You can treat bay windows as one single unit. Many bay window valances are done on wood and the treatment is made by a professional installer taking angle measurements and bringing into the shop for exact specifications to the seamstresses. Wood is not the only option as decorative hardware is also a great option too.

We can help you to decide on what types of window treatments you want for your bay windows. The options are almost limitless because when you choose custom-made window treatments you can choose from thousands of types, colors and thicknesses of fabrics. You can also choose to have layering options. Our expert designers can help you to make the most of your beautiful bay windows.