Revamp Your Laundry Room in the New Year

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Let’s face it, laundry rooms are a magnet for clutter. Especially since the majority of them are multipurpose rooms where your family toss their muddy shoes, backpacks and all the paperwork no one wants to sort. Organization in a laundry room is essential. Having a designated place for everything is the best way to make the most of this multipurpose space. Here are some tips for getting it organized for the New Year. DMON108_laundry-room-after_s4x3_lgWhether your washer and dryer are located in a spacious basement or tucked away in a small nook, Sunshine Drapery can help you work with the space you’re given, utilizing every square inch of the area. With cabinetry above your washer and dryer, you’ll prevent clutter because you’ll have a place for detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, stain remover and other cleaning supplies. Cabinets are a great way to hide the necessary supplies. Keep shoes, backpacks and other left out items sorted and contained with baskets. Your laundry room should be treated like the other rooms in your home. If it has a window, add cheerful curtains to spruce up the space. A serene color palette does wonders to a laundry room, creating a sense of organization. With moss green or the same shade of blue on cabinetry and walls throughout the room, you’ll create a calming effect with simple lines. To keep your multipurpose laundry room well-organized, be sure to designate separate areas for each of your everyday activities. When you have an area for gift wrapping, laundry and odds and ends storage your tools and items associated with those activities are more likely to find their way back to place they belong. This a viable long-term solution for preventing clutter. In some cases, a home’s laundry room is an extension of a bathroom. To keep the washer and dryer neatly tucked away, double-louvered doors can be used as a means of keeping the bathroom and laundry spaces separate. Be sure to use the same color on the walls and throughout both spaces to create a cohesiveness that allows them to function as one room. Or, you can use a standard spring rod and a pretty plaid curtain to hide your washer and dryer. Add your children’s artwork and family photos to bring personality to your workspace.   One way to keep large and unattractive laundry baskets off the floor is with custom-designed shelving inside an island in your laundry room. Separate laundry loads in the baskets inside your cabinetry and use the counter top to fold clothes as they come out of the dryer. Laundry rooms are the ideal space to create an ironing station. Stow-away ironing board systems can be easily hidden behind a cabinet door. Plus, over-the-door iron and board hangers are designed to hold nearly any style of ironing board. Be sure to find an ironing board system that has a shelf to hold spray starch and other supplies. Finally, if you have a spacious laundry room, you can also use the space to show off your favorite items. A combination of closed cabinets and opening shelving offers plenty of storage and display options. Use recessed lighting in your ceiling and within your shelves to highlight your display.

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