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Shutters Are Durable & Make a Wise Investment

We Have a Large Selection of Shutters

There is a vast selection of frame choices, specialty shapes, configuration options and louver sizes. There are hundreds of stain finishes as well as the simple white and off white colors. We sell faux wood shutters (wood and vinyl combined) as well as 100% wood.

Shutters are a versatile complement to any interior.  They offer excellent light control and in many ways can be considered a great option for darkening a room when closed. The refined look of custom shutters create ambiance and add value to your home!

Your Home, Your Style

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    Rugged wood or poly/wood shutters are ideal for the Midwest’s four seasons

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    Limited Lifetime Warranty

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    Add to your home’s energy efficiency

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    Elegant, safe and convenient

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    Choose from hardwood, vinyl, and composite wood

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Indoor Shutters

Beauty That Lasts For Decades

The Simple Elegance of Interior Shutters Enhances Any Room

There are several advantages of indoor shutters over other types of window coverings. These types of shutters are most often used in situations with focus placed on the creation of an attractive interior design statement. However, they can also provide versatility in terms of how they are used, as well as certain utilitarian advantages. Unlike blinds, indoor or interior shutters do not raise up and down, nor lift. They are created with horizontal slats, in most cases, and are mounted on a solid wood, plastic or metal frame. More often than not, indoor shutters are made from solid hardwood. However, some manufacturers provide them in aluminum, vinyl or composite wood.

The Design & Construction of Shutters Allow for Endless Design Possibilities

Interior shutters can also be made with double panels, each hinged and opening outward in the style of a double door. Another option is a shutter designed with quadruple panels and that is fashioned in such as way as to allow the panels to be opened and closed in the style of a bi-fold door. Indoor shutters can be constructed with both single or double tiers.

Shutters Give You Total Control

Indoor shutters can have some interesting options that give the homeowner total control over the way the light gets filtered.  For instance,  light strips can be installed along the edges of the inside mounts. These light strips limit the light that can enter along the sides. Another option is to install the hinges into grooves, so they become recessed into the window frame. This serves the purpose of limiting the space between the window frame and the edge of the slat to provide a more pleasing appearance.

Caring For Shutters

The specific procedures used for the care and maintenance of indoor shutters depends on the materials used to make them. Those that are made from a stained natural wood finish require a specific  approach, while faux wood or plastic shutters have less restrictive cleaning processes. Painted indoor shutters will have yet a different set of requirements for cleaning and maintenance.  Decisions about how to keep indoor  shutters in the best possible condition should coincide with the specific instructions that are issued by the manufacturer prior to installation. However, it is advisable to vacuum all types of indoor shutters frequently.

They Can Stand Alone & Finish Off a Window

No matter what style your decor is – from traditional or country to contemporary or transitional – there’s a shutter that will complement your space. The shutters you choose to coordinate with your interior design will also enhance your home from the outside, regardless of your home’s exterior color or style. This adds to the curb appeal of your home, an extra boost when it comes time to sell and a wonderful first impression on your guests. Interior shutters can add to the value of your home because they stay with your home when it’s sold and are highly desirable.

We Can Match Any Color

Interior shutters give you a wide range of color choices, from hundreds of wood stains to white and off-white to create just the look you want. You can even let your shutters make a statement by adding a pop of the latest color trend or by enhancing a color theme being used throughout the space. Shutters can be configured to fit custom-sized, over-sized, undersized or uniquely shaped windows.