Get the Look of Real Wood with the Durability of Composite: Choose Composite Wood Shutters for Your Home

Composite shutters offer a versatile complement for any home or business. Their multi-purpose light control qualities are outstanding , and a great option for darkening a room when closed, as well as adding light when open. The refined look of custom shutters create the perfect ambiance, as well as add value to your home!

Composite Wood Shutters are the Best Choice for Your Home

There are many reasons why composite wood shutters will work beautifully for your home.  Composite shutters are designed to look like traditional wood shutter designs, while surpassing the traditional types in longevity. They come ready for use in both interior and exterior applications. Composite shutters can also be used as decorative or functional shutters, depending on the installation method used.

Composite shutters maintain the majority of wood shutter features, such as the option to paint them any color the homeowner wants, and the classic firm, rigid feel of wood. However, these shutters are much more resilient than traditional wood, due to the high quality materials used to manufacture them, and the actual manufacturing quality itself.

Hand Assembled

Composite shutters are assembled by hand to ensure a genuine craftsman touch. The material from which they are made, is a non-porous wood composite that is comprised of 90% wood, mixed with resin ingredients to help create a shutter with wood features, while being resistant to termites, rot and moisture. Composite shutters are also more durable, can can hold up against the elements years longer than their traditional wooden counterparts.

It is important to note that the louvers are solid construction and do not allow air to pass through.  After construction, each shutter is sanded and finished with a primer coat to ensure easy paint applications upon arrival.

Installation Options

Composite shutters can be installed one of two different ways, depending on whether they are intended for use as a functional or non-functional set up.  Using the appropriate screws and included brackets, one can easily mount shutters to a surface and secure them for a decorative, non-functional installation. For people who are seeking a functional setup, additional hardware must be purchased, such as hinges and hold-backs to help customize the look of the shutters.


Composite shutters will not rot, split or warp, making them last far beyond the scope of standard all-wood shutters. They are acceptable for use in home restoration projects in most historic districts across the United States.

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Composite wood shutters offer a warm, lived-in look to a room, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. They can be customized to the homeowner’s specifications and can be painted in any imaginable color. There are a number of different ways to use them.

Rustic Interior

If you are interested in creating a rustic style decorative interior, the natural beauty of composite wood shutters can create the perfect look. This look is ideal for a converted farmhouse or a new home with a rustic theme.  The natural wood adds warmth and creates a welcoming atmosphere.

Transom Windows

Oftentimes,  doors will have smaller windows on top. These are known as transom windows. Transoms can be hard to dress.  However, custom-made composite shutters can be cut to fit perfectly.

Contemporary Exterior

Composite shutters can be customized to accommodate virtually any design style.  Simple, functional, non-embellished shutters created in a monochromatic theme work very well for a contemporary exterior.

Noise Control

Although noise control is not a primary function of composite shutters, a variety of older European urban structures rely on the noise-reducing capabilities of composite shutters. Solid shutters work best for this. However, louvered shutters can deflect sound also. One is able to angle louvers for maximum privacy, while still admitting light.

Final Thoughts

If you are seeking a great way to achieve the look and feel of real wood shutters, without the short life and common issues they are known for, composite shutters are the option for you.