Upgrade Your Windows with the Elegance and Durability of Hardwood Shutters

With so many beautiful windows in today’s homes, it’s easy to become confused out how to dress them. On the one hand, you need privacy, especially after dark, but on the other, you don’t want to detract from the beauty of the window’s architecture, whether it’s a graceful arched window or a modern bay. In some cases, it’s worry over obscuring a view of mountains, rural fields, a lake or the ocean that’s most concerning. You don’t want to lose an inch of that incredible vista you’re lucky enough to have. The number one solution used time and again by design professionals is hardwood shutters. Why hardwood shutters? One look at their many benefits says it all.

Privacy and Unobscured Viewing in One Product

When shutters are fully opened, they allow for maximum light and a perfectly clear view of the outdoors. Even the most expensive, luxurious pair of draperies can’t make that claim.

The Window is Still the Star Attraction

Because custom wood shutters mount on the inside the window frame, they don’t detract from the window’s architecture, letting the window be the main focus.

Unparalleled Versatility

A beautiful wood shutter is traditional, classic and modern all at the same time, blending seamlessly with a room’s decor and atmosphere, whether it’s minimalist, traditional, country, rustic or somewhere in between. That’s one of the reasons they’re a favorite of interior designers everywhere. They’re beautiful enough to embellish a window on their own, but they’ll be just as attractive with curtains, a valance or draperies layered on top of them. And because they’re custom-made for your window, they always look like a ‘match made in heaven’ for the window they adorn.

Beauty + Quality + Longevity

Hardwood shutters are incredibly warm, rich and beautiful, and their hardwood construction makes for the best quality money can buy, ensuring years of service and enduring beauty.

Creating Flow and Continuity

Many homeowners today prefer an open floor plan for an expansive-looking interior and an easy flow from one living area to another, among other things. As appealing as they are, though, an open floor plans require a certain degree of continuity in wall color, flooring and window dressing to maintain a flowing, cohesive look. Hardwood shutters work in every functional space and create a uniform look in your open floor plan.

Shutters Hardwood Shutters Normandy 1 001

Curb Appeal

From the outside, hardwood shutters provide the same continuity as they do inside the home, creating a uniform look that doesn’t detract from the home the way curtains and window treatments that change from one set of windows to another can. They look as though they’re as much a part of the architecture of the house as any of its exterior components do.

Choose the Finish

Hardwood shutters come in an incredible variety of stain colors, as well as white or off-white, so you can easily coordinate them with your furnishings and personal tastes — yet another way they are truly customized to your individual needs and preferences.

Increased Home Value

If you’ve ever moved from one home to the next, you know how potentially useless your existing window treatment can suddenly become, when you realize that they probably won’t be usable in your new home because of different window sizes. You won’t have that problem with hardwood shutters because they’re customized to be integral to your house, and will remain with the home when you sell it, thus eliminating the need for the new owners to worry about outfitting their new home with window treatments. The bottom line is that hardwood shutters become another feature that help sell your house, increasing its value to potential buyers.

If you’re sold on the multitude of benefits of outfitting the windows in your home with the elegance of hardwood shutters, explore the variety of hardwood shutters at Sunshine Drapery, serving all of Missouri and Illinois with the finest window treatments on the market today!