Using Household Items for Curtain Hardware

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You’ve seen clever ideas designers have used for curtain hardware in magazines, wondering if you could do the same. Well the answer is yes. Using household items for your curtain hardware is easy. It just takes a little creativity. Here are some tips and ideas for using household items for curtain hardware to make a statement in your rooms. winter_2013_accessories_5One of the best ways to cinch single-width drapery panels is with a woman’s bracelet or men’s cuffs. The perfect size, bracelets and cuffs may be placed around your drapery panels, hung freely or attached to the wall with Velcro for a more permanent look. Bracelets and men’s cuffs are an ideal way to give your draperies a custom look without having to spend a lot of money. Ever admired sculptural drapery rods but not the price tag? With many sculptural drapery rods mimicking tree branches and vines, why not go for the real thing? Especially when the perfect drapery rod, or branch, may be setting right outside in your backyard. All you need is a branch that’s the proper length and width to fit above your window and support the weight of your drapery panel. Trim the branch to size, paint it a color that is complimentary to your wall color, secure drapery rod brackets or L-brackets to the wall with plastic drywall anchors and then attach your custom branch with screws or bailing wire. What’s a stylish and affordable way to pull back your draperies or tie them back in the middle of a window? Neckties! With a necktie and some Velcro you can tie back your drapes and secure them to your wall. First, tie your necktie into a proper Windsor knot. Then slip it up along the bottom of your drapery panel and tighten the knot around your panel to your liking. To secure the necktie to the wall, place Velcro along the back of the neck loop and attach it directly to your wall. If you want to add a nautical look to your windows, turn to sisal rope and two-by-two inch wooden blocks. Secure the wooden blocks above each window and then cut a spool of sisal rope to size. Knot each end of the rope and then slide on drapery rings or your drapery panels directly onto it. Next attach the rope securely to the wooden blocks with decorative washers and screws. You can customize the look by pulling the rope tight for a more tailored look or giving the rope more slack for a more casual look. Another stylish tie back is accomplished by repurposing an old leather belt. You’ll need to add another hole to the belt with a nail and hammer. Once you’ve added a new hole, wrap the belt around the gathered fabric of your drapery panel and buckle in place before attaching the belt to the wall.   Transform the man cave with a bit of whimsy by using one of his old golf clubs as a drapery rod above a small window. Golf clubs can be used successfully as a drapery rod by using C-hooks. Simply secure them into the wall above or alongside the window. Next slide your drapery panels onto the golf club and then secure them to the C-hooks. Is seldom-worn costume jewelry cluttering your jewelry box? Why not display your necklaces by using them as curtain tiebacks. Be sure to use necklaces that are large and thick so they’ll show up in your room. Thinner pieces lose their impact and wind up looking like clutter rather than decorative. Finally, baseballs finials are the perfect way to bring the ball game to a boys’ room. Simply drill directly into the side of the baseball with a paddle bit that’s slightly larger than your curtain rod. Then position the baseball on the end of the rod and secure a tight fit by hand. Slide on your drapery panels and you’ve hit a homerun.
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