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Creating a Comfortable and Respectful Environment with Funeral Home Window Treatments

When designing a funeral home, it is important to create a comfortable and respectful environment for grieving family and friends. Funeral home window treatments can play a significant role in the overall look and feel of the funeral home. Elegant drapery swags and jabots, as well as panels, are common choices for funeral homes as they offer a peaceful and beautiful aspect to the space. You have many different choices of window treatments for funeral homes as well as many styles from which to choose for your funeral home window treatment ideas.

Other custom window coverings may also be used depending on the desired room setting and overall decor. Funeral home owners need to consider the funeral home window treatments that will best suit their establishment and create a welcoming atmosphere for all visitors. Read on to discover more funeral home window treatment ideas.

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Types of Window Treatments for Funeral Homes

Funeral homes dress different areas in different manners to evoke calmness and a unique experience. Many funeral homes use ornate draperies and valances as well as decorative side panels of fabric as their window treatments for funeral homes. Layering window treatments helps with lighting control in different rooms, and the use of solar shades is becoming quite popular, as well as vertical blinds for large expanses of glass in interior rooms for privacy.

Creative Ideas for Funeral Home Window Treatment

You can mix and match different types of commercial window treatments for your funeral home window treatment ideas.

Funeral Home Offices

Offices in a funeral home where loved ones discuss the final preparations should have total privacy while final wishes are being carried out and decisions are made on the arrangements. These private rooms are generally sizable to accommodate several family members and often they have glass partitions leading to the hallway. In this case, the large glass areas benefit from the use of vertical blinds in either fabric or vinyl with a simple design or neutral colors so as not to distract anyone from the tasks at hand.

Funeral Home Services Rooms

The rooms in a funeral home that are used to hold the services will be sizeable and have ample seating for the guests. These windows usually are dressed in drapery for a calm feeling that is usually felt in a home. Layering commercial window treatments for funeral homes allows better lighting control while adding a touch of elegance with heavy drapery and decorative jabots or valances.

A more modern approach for funeral home window treatments is to include solar shades as your first layer in a funeral home service room with lovely drapery as your second layer. This allows more lighting control in which you can allow some natural and calming daylight into the areas, but block the heat and glare of the sun from any video screens that are in use.

Funeral Home Lobbies

Loved ones find comfort in a funeral home lobby area that is dressed with drapery as well. It’s a calming effect before a service or before making final plans. Often, full-length drapery panels of a medium-weight fabric are used in a solid, neutral color as commercial window treatments in St. Louis for funeral homes, and then a more colorful valance is added at the top to add some interest and depth to the windows.

On the other hand, funeral home lobbies also commonly have color coordinated ceiling to floor drapery panels in a floral pattern to match the couches and chairs in the area. This type of funeral home window treatment adds height to the room in a sense of elegance. This works well if there isn’t a lot of heat and sunshine in the window, but if there is, a custom backing can provide extra insulation for the windows to keep the interior areas cooler.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Window Treatment and Design Experts for Funeral Homes

A professional window treatment and interior design expert for funeral homes is a needed service to make certain that all who enter the different areas have a sense of calm while taking care of the needs of their loved ones. If funeral home window treatments are too sterile and stark, it will feel more like a meeting room in a business that doesn’t want to add feelings to it. Your funeral home window treatments should be stylish, practical, feel like home, and be easy to maintain, as well as control lighting in each room.


Choosing the perfect window treatments for a funeral home can be quite a daunting task for anyone. It’s best to seek professional help from a window treatment store in St. Louis to meet all the requirements for each individual area in a funeral parlor. At Sunshine Drapery, we’ve been dressing funeral home windows for over 50 years with exceptional taste in the highest quality products available. Contact us for a FREE in-business consultation with a highly experienced designer for your custom window treatments in St. Louis today!