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Different Types of Window Treatments for Medical Facilities: From Lobbies to Exam Rooms and Beyond

Medical facilities have a variety of rooms that may require different types of window treatments. Lobbies, which are the public areas of medical facilities, may use window tinting to provide a cleaner, more modern look while also allowing people to see in and out, reducing glare, and saving on utility costs. Waiting rooms in hospitals may use curtains to create a sense of security and comfort for family and friends. Exam rooms may use commercial window treatments such as frosted window coverings, vertical blinds, or mini blinds to provide privacy for patients and ease of cleaning as medical facilities window treatments.

Surgical suites typically do not have windows to maintain a sterile environment. Laboratories also need to maintain a sterile environment and may use easy-to-clean window treatments. Double occupancy rooms in hospitals may use privacy curtains that are flame retardant and made of specialized, anti-microbial fabric. Offices for therapists or psychiatrists may use heavy drapes to soundproof the room and create a warm and safe environment for patients. It is important to choose medical facilities window treatments that are appropriate for the specific needs and requirements of each room in a medical facility, as well as for the comfort and privacy of patients and staff as commercial window treatments.

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Types of Window Treatments Suitable for Your Facility

You have a large number of choices for window treatments for medical facilities.

Solar Shades

Solar shades are a great idea to allow some "daylighting" into your facility, especially on large windows. They protect patients and healthcare workers from the sun's harmful UV rays and reduce the sun's glare inside. You also benefit from the energy efficiency that solar shades provide to keep your indoor spaces cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter to save you on electrical costs.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a popular choice as window treatments for medical facilities because they are highly affordable and versatile. Choose from a huge amount of styles and colors to customize different areas of your medical facility and match your decor from a window treatment store in St. Louis. Roller shades are easy to operate and less noticeable when fully opened to have better views out of windows on nice days. Motorized roller shades are very convenient for medical staff to operate or to set programs, so they open, close, and adjust on a set time schedule without any worries.

Vertical Blinds

Made of fabric or vinyl, vertical blinds work very well in large expanses of glass windows or doors. There are numerous styles and colors, they provide insulation, and privacy, and they are easy to clean. This is a popular choice for lobbies, and you can add motorization to them as well.

Blackout Shades

Patient rooms and exam rooms benefit from the use of blackout shades for perfect privacy. They create a dark and peaceful room, which is beneficial to patients, and they also control the lighting in other private areas, as well as exam rooms when used as window treatments for medical facilities.

Cellular Shades

This type of shade feels warm like a home, and they are excellent for energy efficiency all year round with an added level of insulation to all of your windows. They are highly customizable and easy to clean, and work well for all types of medical offices.
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If you have questions or would like to speak with someone, we're happy to help. Please call or text (314) 916-1889 or click the yellow button below to send a message.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Instead of choosing horizontal shades or drapes for your medical offices, choose other types of medical facilities window treatments that can be cleaned easily and quickly, so they don’t harbor allergens or germs. Cellular shades, blackout shades, roller shades, solar shades, and vertical blinds are your real winners in this area for your medical building.

Benefits of Professional Installation

Letting professional window treatment and design experts fabricate and install your commercial window treatments will make certain that they are properly hung, and that they are safe for patients and healthcare workers alike to operate. Custom window treatments for medical facilities are made to the exact specifications of each of your windows and are guaranteed to fit perfectly.


You have many different styles and choices for window treatments in your medical building. Choose products that are easy to operate, have great light adjusting capabilities, save you energy costs, and look great too. At Sunshine Drapery, we have over 50 years of experience dressing medical office windows. Contact us for a FREE in-business consultation with a professional designer so we can create the perfect window coverings for you!

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