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Maximize Profitability and Comfort in Your Restaurant with the Right Window Treatments

Many restauranteurs think selecting window treatments for restaurants is simply a design decision.  But did you know that the window treatments you select directly affect your profitability?  When the summer sun floods your restaurant and makes your air conditioner work overtime the result is higher utility bills month after month.  That’s why thinking of window treatments as functional and not just aesthetic is the best way to select the window treatments that are most appropriate for your restaurant.

Avoid Delays

When it comes to selecting window treatments it’s best to keep fire codes, safety, changing seasons, privacy, security and comfort in mind.  The last thing you need is to pay a fine or have your restaurant’s opening delayed over illegal window treatments.  Most fire departments and local ordinances require fire retardant fabrics and window treatments in commercial environments.  The same is true for linings, thread and even the mounting hardware.

If you plan to open a family restaurant, safety is essential.  It’s best to choose window treatments that are cordless.  Parents of young children will certainly appreciate it and feel better about choosing to eat at your restaurant over the competition.  If you do choose window treatments with cords, make sure they are tensioned down.  Believe it or not, it’s not just toddlers who like to play with mini blind cords.  Teenagers do it too, sometimes dismantling mini blinds entirely. Blinds aren’t always the best choice for restaurants, especially ones that serve fried foods as dust collects easily on them and oils in the air attract more dust and grime.

The Changing Seasons

If your restaurant is located in an area that experiences changing seasons, you’ll want window treatments that can protect your customers from the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays in the summer but also allow prolonged light and warmth in the winter.  This is why many restaurateurs opt for solar shades.  Not only are the wear-and-tear-resistant when it comes to children who might pull on them, they are easily cleaned if food happens to spill on them.  Solar shades are also sleek, modern and affordable – a great option for restaurateurs who need to cover many large windows.

Another reason why many restaurateurs are choosing solar shades is due to security and privacy.  You might be fortunate enough to have a restaurant that overlooks a lake, a beautiful city skyline or the ocean.  Such a view should be appreciated during the day and solar shades easily retract to allow better views through the window as well as allowing more light to come in.  But at night when the restaurant closes, you won’t want to have dark windows, nor do you want to have bulky curtains that affect the security system either.  Solar shades take up far less room and won’t affect a security system.

Customer Comfort

Finally, you should also consider your patrons comfort when it comes to selecting the most appropriate window treatments for your restaurant.  Patrons who have to squint, feel hot or uncomfortable while eating in your restaurant aren’t likely to return.  In fact, most would rather eat at home.  Solar shades block out the sun when necessary and can be retracted when you want to let more light in.  This keeps your customers comfortable and saves you money on your utility bills resulting in larger profits.

When you combine form and function, your restaurant will have window treatments that work as hard as you do.

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