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Sunshine Employs Seamstresses to Hand Craft and Produce All of Our Draperies in Our 25,000 square foot Designer Workroom in Saint Louis, Missouri.

At Sunshine, we help turn your windows into amazing and beautiful works of art.

Your Home, Your Style

  • We have 40,000 fabrics and trims to choose.

  • Every drapery panel imaginable – silks, cottons, damasks and more!

  • Over a hundred styles of custom treatments and accents.

  • See something on Pinterest, Houzz or a home design site you love? Bring it in and we’ll duplicate it.

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Looking for Custom Draperies for Commercial or Office Spaces?

We’ve got you covered. We carry a full line of custom draperies for both St. Louis and Illinois area businesses.  

Custom Draperies

Beauty That Lasts For Decades

Are Draperies Still Fashionable?

With all the new products available, do you wonder if it’s still “fashionable” to cover your windows with draperies? Well, all the reasons people used draperies in the past are still valid today. They are both practical and decorative. Drawn draperies provide privacy, insulate against temperature extremes, and offer additional sound proofing from internal and external noises. They soften all the sharp angles and edges in the home and create a warm, welcoming environment. The length and placement of your draperies can make a window or room larger or smaller; allowing you to redefine your living space. Too often, our home becomes a container of “neutrals.” The walls and floors are large expanses of plainness.

Make a Statement

We know the furniture must last for years so we pick a safe color and print. Draperies bring together this variety of colors and designs into a cohesive, decorative look. In addition, we use draperies to create drama and to make a statement about who we are and what we care about. That doesn’t mean we are “stuck” with the styles and fabrics of 20-50 years ago. A drapery does not have to evoke images of your mother or grandmother. These women used the fabrics and designs of that time period.

Draperies Should Fit Your Style

You do not have to embrace the idea of a formal living room with heavy drapes and fringe-trimmed swags – unless it works for you. Your window treatments should reflect your current lifestyle. Do you lead a more casual existence? Think of barbeques on the deck and game nights in the family room. The proper selection of your drapery’s style and fabric will enhance your surroundings without losing any of the practical and decorative benefits. The question should not be, “Is it fashionable?” No, it should be, “Does it reflect who I am?” Click on the button below to learn more.
Why are Custom Draperies so Important?