Roman Shades: Decorate and Insulate Your Home For Fall

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As summer fades, the temperature outside starts to decrease on a seemingly daily basis. Soon, warm sunshine gives way to cool, crisp air and flurries of colorful leaves fill the yard. It's the perfect time to think about doing some seasonal changes to your décor. One of the quickest, easiest changes you can make is new window treatments. Changing out lighter curtains, or blinds, for roman shades will not only give your room a fresh look, but it will also help to insulate your home from the impending cold.

Huge Variety of Materials

Roman shades can be made from fabric, textiles, bamboo and even wood, making them an extremely versatile window treatment. Whether your home is conventional, historic, modern or eclectic, you're sure to find a material, color and finish that feels right. In many cases, you can also request custom fabrics and finishes, to completely coordinate with your furnishings for a seamless look. What's more, roman shades can either be flat and smooth, or they can have a neatly lined appearance when they are closed. They are also available in either bottom-up, or top-down versions.

Installation Choices

Roman shades are installed on the inside of the window frame, or even on a door, very close to the glass. They use special brackets that hold the blinds in place so that they glide effortlessly up and down. Although they have a very simple appearance, installation can be a bit tricky. If they are not installed properly, they will be uneven and will not provide the privacy and aesthetic value you want. To get the best quality installation, it's highly recommended that you have your custom shades installed by a professional. Not only will they look and work better, but the price of installation may also be included in your purchase price.

Insulating Properties

Heavier roman shades are the best option for fall and winter, for obvious reasons. Many roman shades are made using multiple layers of fabric and batting to create an insulated layer. They act much like a blanket, keeping out cold air that permeates through glass and help to block drafts that make their way through the seams. Some have a white side and a darker side. The lighter side, when facing outward, reflects sunlight in warmer months. The darker side, conversely, attracts the heat from the sun, helping to heat your home in cooler times.  

Easy to Clean and Maintain

If you've ever had blinds in your home, you know how difficult they can be to keep clean. Dust accumulates on every slat, and it takes a great deal of time to wipe each one clean. Draperies aren't much easier. On occasion, you will need to take them down, pack them up and take them to the dry cleaners, and then re-install them once they're cleaned. Roman shades, on the other hand, are quite easy to clean. In most cases, you can use the hose attachment for your vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris. You won't have to remove them, that is, unless you are switching them out for a new look. Fall is the perfect time to update, and upgrade, your window treatments with roman shades. They're versatile, decorative, energy efficient and incredibly easy to install and maintain. When it comes to window coverings, it doesn't get any better than that.
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