5 Ways to Insulate Your Windows and Save Money This Winter

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The temperature is falling and the harsh reality of a cold hard winter is starting to settle in. You've probably already broke out your sweaters and heavy coats, but have you thought about your home? Adding some extra protection to your windows can not only help keep your home warm and cozy this winter, it can also save money on your heating bills. Here are 5 ways to prepare your windows for cold weather.

Check for Needed Repairs

The best way to start winterizing is to make basic repairs if needed. Check all windows for leaks or drafts. For any noticeable drafts, use caulk, foam, or rubber weather sealing strips to seal the leaks. The roof will need to be able to withstand the cold and humid environment, or the house will get very cold quite quickly. If you haven't had roofing service perform any work in a few years, you may want to call them so that they can take a look. Your heating system also needs to be serviced annually by a furnace repair technician to improve its energy efficiency. Since the furnace is extremely important during the winter, make sure you book a furnace repair expert before they become too busy.

Consider Window Insulation Film

Readily available at any hardware or home repair store (check this Recommended Site), window installation kits usually include a plastic shrink film that is applied to the inside of a window. Once applied, a heat source such as a hair dryer is used to remove any wrinkles. This method is relatively inexpensive and highly effective, but does not create a very attractive looking window view. If not applied properly, the windows often look cloudy. The plastic is also easily punctured by children or animals which will decrease its efficiency.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shadesare excellent for providing insulation to large windows while still letting in natural light. Insulated cellular shades hang directly over cold glass to make your windows more energy efficient. For the ultimate in energy efficiency, choose triple cell shades which provide three layers of insulating material.

Choose Layered Curtains for YourWindow Treatments

Heavy fabrics and insulated window curtains help to keep out drafts. Insulated curtains can be used in any room of the home. If placing insulated curtains in the bathroom, be sure to choose a waterproof fabric designed to withstand humidity and prevent mold. According to HERO exteriors - roof installation in Colorado, roofs play a huge role in insulating the building. Often created with four separate layers, insulated curtains make use of a high-density foam layer to prevent heated air from escaping and stopping the cold outside air from seeping inside. Hanging two or more curtains together creates a stylish layered look while creating a tighter air space to keep cool air out.  

Use Draft Snakes

Draft snakes are easy to make and simple to use. You can choose any fabric that matches your existing decor. Sew a tube of fabric to fit on a window sill or under a door to prevent cold air from seeping in. Fill the sewn tube with dried rice to create an effective cold barrier. Commercial draft snakes are also available at many hardware and home improvement stores, but you can consider contacting Smart Dry Restoration if you need a full breakdown of the correct types. With just a little bit of planning, you can get the windows in your home ready for the cold winter ahead. Checking your windows for leaks and choosing the proper window treatments will help keep your home warm and cozy. In addition, it saves money on your energy bills allowing you to keep a little extra money in your pocket this season. Now is the time to get your home prepared for subzero temperatures. Do not wait until your home is already freezing. Just a little preparation goes a long way in keeping your family comfortable.
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