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Everyone has wardrobes for the seasons. When the chilly weather of fall begins, we tend to empty our closets and drawers of the lightweight clothing and shoes of summer – the sandals, the shorts, the tank tops, the sundresses, the swimsuits, etc. and pull from storage the sweaters, sweats, pants, jackets, boots, and such of cold weather. This is normal and predictable. What if we did the same for our home decorations as well? How nice would it be for our homes to have a warm “feel” for cold weather, and a lighter “look” during warm months? You can, with some very basic changes!

  1. Change the pillows and throws on your living room and or family room furniture. I have a friend who also has a 4-season room, and she changes the cushions on her wicker furniture for great winter and summer effects.
  2. Use “heavy” window treatments during the winter months and change to sheers over those blinds in the spring and summer.
  3. f0fbd__autumn-home-design-ideasChange our your bathrooms, using “light” and “airy” shower curtains and towels during warm weather months.
  4. Use different tablecloths and/or placements for each season. And change out your dishes as well – it’s great to have a “heavier” set for winter and more pastel and or bright summer colors for that season!
  5. Many often change their bedding for seasons as well. Having a heavy comforter for winter just makes sense; have a lightweight coverlet is much more appropriate for warm weather months!
  6. Changing wall art out for seasons is also the practice of many, using warm colors
Mood is very much impacted by color and texture. In the winter, we want to feel warm in our homes, and “warm” colors certainly assist in providing a cozy atmosphere. Likewise, in the summer, we want to “feel” cooler, so lighter fabrics and textures in pastel and other cool colors provide a psychological imprint of not being so warm. Warm colors that are considered neutral enough for almost every décor are taupe, deep and burnt oranges, mauve, forest and olive greens, browns, dark khaki’s, navy, and even wine. Most people can find a few of these colors that will complement or nicely contrast with their permanent furnishings. Cool colors are light blues and greens, yellows, corals, light khaki’s and grays, and, of course, cream. Again, most everyone can find, among these colors, some that will enhance any room during warm weather months.   Lighting is also important during the seasons. Once you have changed your décor for the cold months, understand that a dark dreary room is not the effect you want. You want the sense of warmth but not a feeling of “dark.” Be certain that you open your drapes and blinds during the daylight hours and that your interior lighting is sufficiently bright. Moods during winter can tend to become more “dreary,” and you do not want lack of light to add to that. During summer months, while you have “cool” colors displayed, you can afford to keep windows more covered, if only when the sunlight is directly outside of them! Likewise, lighting inside can be more subdued, as the days are longer and outdoor activities more abundant. You can celebrate seasonal changes and even welcome those seasons that you may not love, if you look forward to making the décor changes that will enhance them – change is good!
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