Bringing Touches of Autumn into Your Home

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Not everyone can afford major updates to their interiors as the seasons change. But there are subtle and affordable things you can do to bring touches of autumn into your home. Here are some tips for embracing autumn both in and outside your home. With the weather cooling down and the leaves changing colors many of us crave being outside, especially with this summer’s drought finally easing up. Many homeowners are embracing autumn by making their backyards and extension of their living rooms placing daybeds complete with pillows and warm throws on patios, decks or back porches. Nothing beats cuddling up under a warm fleece throw on a crisp night with family and friends. Thanksgiving/Birthday Flowers (201)One of the easiest ways to bring fall’s colors into your home is with fresh flowers or branches from your back yard. A natural way to transition from summer’s purples, pinks and bright orange blooms to fall’s earthy tones like deep plums, deeper reds and burnt yellows is by placing large leafy branches from trees in your back yard into any glass vases on tabletops. As the colors deepen and change outside, change the branches in your vases to reflect the season. Another way to bring a touch of autumn into your home is with candles. In summer light floral and beach scented candles are in order. But in the fall the scents in your home should be the same as those you experience outdoors. Nothing says fall like the scent of apples, pumpkin and spice. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on candles in mason jars because votive and tea candles can be just as powerful. One of the best ways to make your living room and bedroom cozier for fall is by putting away your lighter throws and blankets and bringing out faux fur and heavy knit throws and blankets. And you don’t have to go to high dollar retailers for such luxuries. You can make your own faux fur blankets and plush throws yourself. With plenty of fabrics to choose from at Sunshine Drapery the selection of seasonal shades like cardinal red, expresso, jade, plums and greys are endless. Pillows are also an easy and affordable way to bring autumn’s vibrant colors into your home. While cotton or linen-based fabrics in bright or neutral colors are ideal for summer, heavier fabrics, weaves and blends that pull in more rustic tones are what can bring autumn to life in your living room and bedrooms.   fall tableAnd this time of year your grocery bill can cover decorating your home too. You can keep a large bowl of vegetables and fruit like squashes and pumpkins or apples on your kitchen’s island, counters or table to reflect the season. It’s pretty, brings in another design element and you can eat it too! Finally, don’t forget your bathrooms. Just as you’ve traded lighter summer throws and pillows for heavier fabrics in deeper, rustic shades, the same can be done with the towels in your bathrooms. Richer colors like plum, ochre and burgundy give bathrooms the feel of fall. Transitioning your home from the look and feel of summer to the essence of fall doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s as simple as trading lighter fabrics and throws for heavier fabrics with deeper tones. Bowls are fruits and vegetables that reflect the harvest, scented candles and branches with fall foliage from your backyard are simple ways to bring touches of autumn into your home.

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