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What are the Best Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors provide easy access to porches, pool areas, and decks. These full-pane doors also create picturesque views for homeowners. However, sliding glass doors that face east or west cause excess sunlight to flood into the home.
Choosing the best window treatments for sliding glass doors poses a challenge for some homeowners. What are the best window treatments for sliding glass doors? Sunshine Drapery offers a list of recommendations!

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Sliding Glass Door Window Treatment Ideas

When selecting the ideal window coverings for sliding glass doors, homeowners need to consider several factors:
● Types of room decor
● Door size
● Design preferences
● Location

Complement the Types of Room Decor

Window coverings for sliding glass doors must complement the surrounding decor and design ambiance. Homeowners should not choose a casual window covering if the surrounding decor is formal.

Other window treatments also can influence the choice of treatments for sliding glass doors. If other windows in the room feature custom wood blinds, consider a similar aesthetic for sliding glass doors. While horizontal blinds might not be the best choice, homeowners could consider vertical blinds in similar hues.

Door Size Matters

The size of the sliding glass door impacts cost estimates for window coverings. Size also influences the type of window treatments homeowners choose. Some drapery styles might overwhelm smaller glass doors. Dark wood shutters or blinds might make some doors appear smaller.

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Personal Design Preferences

Each individual has unique personal preferences for interior design and overall style. The best type of window covering for sliding doors depends on personal choice and preferences. Choose what flatters the space and what appeals to unique and individualized preferences.

Door Location

Sliding glass doors facing east or west will allow more sunlight into the home. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west; at sunrise, east-facing doors might flood a room with blinding light. Doors facing west enjoy intense sunlight in the late afternoon. However, the bright light often overwhelms the room, requiring a more opaque window covering.

Hunter Douglas Sonnette Shades

Hunter Douglas Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Hunter Douglas is a premier brand of window treatments, specifically shades and blinds. Hunter Douglas products offer an ideal solution for sliding glass doors. The brand’s most popular products for sliding doors include vertical shades, roller shades, and vertical blinds.

When choosing the best coverings for sliding doors, homeowners must consider ease of movement related to the window treatment. Vertical blinds and roller shades offer the ease of mobility and opaque coverage homeowners need for sliding doors. Hunter Douglas also offers blinds and shades in various color options to complement the room and decor.

Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors in Dining Room

Sliding glass doors in the dining room draw in natural light to illuminate the area. These doors can lead to a porch with additional seating for guests. When choosing window treatments for sliding glass doors in the dining room, homeowners must consider the general ambiance of this room. Most dining rooms are formal in design; homeowners could select custom drapery for sliding doors to create an elevated elegance.

Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors with Vertical Blinds

For many homeowners, vertical blinds are the ideal window covering solution for sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds offer the length to fully cover the large panes characteristic of sliding glass doors. These blinds can also feature motorized capabilities that enable homeowners to control light exposure with a remote or mobile app.

Customized vertical blinds are designed to fit the exact specifications of a home’s sliding glass door. The interior designers at Sunshine Drapery work with each homeowner to help them find the ideal blind style to complement the ambiance of their home and the decor of the room. Some vertical blinds offer sheer panels that allow soft sunlight into a room. Sheer styles are the perfect choice for doors with less sun exposure.

Contemporary Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Homeowners who favor a contemporary or modern design often gravitate towards window coverings with a similar aesthetic. Are there modern or contemporary window treatments for these doors?

Hunter Douglas creates many modern vertical blind designs for sliding doors. Blinds with wider panels are an unexpected take on the traditional vertical blind. Honeycomb blinds offer an unusual design; each individual panel is shaped like a honeycomb. These blinds also lean modern and contemporary.

Choose modern drapery designs for sliding glass door window treatments. Select a unique fabric to create a focal point in the room.

Custom Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Windows

If sliding glass windows are bare, homeowners can work with the design team at Sunshine Drapery to create a customized window treatment solution. Select vertical blinds or choose formal and elegant custom drapery for a dining room.
The best window treatment is unique for each space and each homeowner. Blinds, drapery, and shades are all great options for sliding glass doors. For each product, homeowners have many fabric and color choices. Some shades and blinds offer opaque coverage, while others are sheer and subtle.

All window coverings should flatter and enhance the space. A casual fabric vertical blind could look odd in a formal sitting room and formal drapery designs might overwhelm a casual porch door. Finding the best window treatment for a sliding door takes careful consideration. Not all blinds or shades are ideal. Schedule a free design consultation with Sunshine Drapery to understand the best window treatments for the home. Our team shows homeowners all the options for their room and their budget!

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