Four Tips for Choosing Window Treatments That Look Good From the Outside

window treatments that look good from the outside
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Everyone wants window treatments that look good from the inside, but few people think about how they look from the outside. If you’re particular about how your house looks from the street, you should shop for window treatments that look good from the outside too.

At Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design, we offer free design consultations and carry a variety of window shutters in St. Louis, MO, to assist each customer in improving their home’s curb appeal. We impart some of our design wisdom below. 

How to Choose Window Treatments That Look Good From the Outside

Choosing window treatments that look good from the outside might feel overwhelming. How do you balance out your interior design with a clean exterior appearance? The tips below will help you combine function and fashion for a well-rounded selection of window coverings. 

#1 What Purpose Will Your Treatments Fulfill?

Before shopping for treatments, think about what you want your window treatments to do. 

  • Do you need a treatment that filters UV rays entirely? Shop for solar shades or dense curtains.
  • Should the treatment allow some natural light into the room? Sheer curtains and shades will best suit your needs. 
  • Do you want to improve your privacy? In that case, shutters or floor-length curtains will serve you well. 

Make a list of practical needs your window treatment should offer. 

#2 Explore Numerous Options Before Settling

Take quality photos of the room’s interior and the exterior area of your home where the windows are. Use these photos as a reference to compare and contrast different styles, colors, and treatments. The guide below can help you gauge where to start:

  • Faux wood blinds can match almost any interior decor and exterior paint and trim. They’ll add uniformity and warmth throughout the house. 
  • Roman shades work perfectly with natural, Bohemian aesthetics. They allow some natural light to filter through while obscuring the view from the street. 
  • Shutters are a classic option. You choose from several durable materials, colors, and cuts for a timeless style. 

#3 Consider Interior Design and Curb Appeal

Explore the products your neighbors use to treat their windows. A walk around the neighborhood should provide ample information about what’s popular in your area. Plus, you may happen upon ideas you didn’t consider before. It adds a new meaning to the phrase “window shopping.” 

#4 Schedule Design Consultations with Professionals

After doing preliminary research, you’ll have a few ideas about the direction you want to take. Gather your notes and schedule a design consultation with an interior design specialist. They have experience in blending indoor aesthetics with outdoor curb appeal.

Referencing your notes, they can point you to treatments that best fit your tastes and needs.  

Transform Your Windows with Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design's Unique Inventory

Have you already followed our first three tips? It’s time to use the last. Our designers at Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design can direct you toward some window treatments that look good from the outside. We can also help you find exquisite blinds for living rooms of any aesthetic. Call 314-916-1889 to schedule an in-home design consultation!


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