Four Considerations When Choosing a Window Treatment for Patio Doors

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Are you shopping for the perfect window treatment for patio doors? Feeling a little intimidated by the endless sea of options? Let our talented designers at Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design help you out!

As providers of professional window treatments in St. Louis, MO, we have a vast inventory of window treatment options from which you can choose. Let us point you in the right direction below.

Choose a Stylish Window Treatment for Patio Doors

As you search for a perfect window treatment for patio doors, you should consider the treatment's functionality and practicality first. Then, explore theinterior design style you want the space to emulate. This approach will set you up for success and free you from buyer’s remorse.

#1 Vertical Blinds

If you want an affordable window treatment for patio doors that is easy to operate and fits almost any type of window, shop for vertical blinds. Upon first glance, these blinds may look plain, but they offer the following benefits:

  • Moderate light filtering capabilities
  • Durable materials
  • Numerous color options
  • Minimalist style

You get the bonus of a beachy vibe as well. Vertical blinds conjure up images of chilled beach condos that look over the ocean. Amplify this vibe with patio plants like majesty palms or Monsteras. You can always bring them indoors for the winter.

#2 Glass-Encased Blinds

Do you have mischievous children or pets who get into everything? Traditional window treatments could put them in danger. Chords, strings, tiny pieces, and other hazards can strangle or choke your kids or furry friends should they become entangled.

Explore blinds encased between two window panes. The hazardous mechanisms stay between the glass panes, making them inaccessible for curious hands and fun-loving paws. You'll love that this treatment requires little maintenance.

#3 Floor-Length Curtains

If your tastes trend toward opulence and grace, you’ll fall in love with the romantic look and feel of floor-length curtains. These window treatment will completely block light and enhances indoor privacy when closed. When opened, the curtains gracefully frame the patio door with luxurious fabric.

Plus, you have an endless variety of materials, patterns, colors, accents, and more. If you prize energy efficiency and insulation from your window treatments, you’ll find the perfect match with a set of curtains.

#4 Roman Shades

You can easily operate Roman shades by pulling a cord that moves them up or down with ease. Although they come in numerous colors and styles, many customers enjoy the traditional rustic style that comes in neutral, earthy colors. This window treatment offers a muted yet stately aesthetic for your patio doors, bringing warmth and texture to otherwise minimalist interior design styles.

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