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Style is the artistic interpretation of individuality. A designer's vision can morph from delightfully quirky to awful eccentricity in a blink. What is on trend in home design? How will the beauty and style of rooms change as we approach 2024?

The guidebook of style, beauty, fashion, and everything now is, of course, Vogue. The home design pulls from the runways. It is not a coincidence that gray is such a trendy color; after all, Pantone once identified gray as a Pantone Color of the Year. Gray wove into fashion, and it poured onto the walls of homes. It's time to transform your home style once again. Get en vogue with these 2024 design trends pulled from the pages of Vogue Australia.

Key Takeaways:

For 2024, interior design focuses on pairing multiple hues, curved lines, and textures that pull from nature (think woven designs). Vogue Australia also predicts that marching to the beat of a unique drum and choosing sustainability will power style next year.

Color, Color, and MORE COLOR

Grab color with a side of color! Vogue Australia predicts that color pairing will be the next gray. Ditch the dove, loves. This trend takes on a unique artistic element for Sunshine's interior designers. When interpreting this trend for drapery, choose a dominant hue that plays well with a room's decor and color palette. When combining colors, use an accent color along the border of draperies or for tie-backs. Valances also can pair two colors to create an impactful design duo. What hues play well together? As custom drapery is an investment, consider the longevity of the pairing. Remember that trendy colors like dove gray quickly fall out of style and look dated. What colors are forever? We love:

  • Crimson or deep hues of red. Did you know that certain shades of red are neutral in some designs?
  • Navy. It's a classic hue that stands the test of every fashion fail.
  • White. The innocent non-hue. The caveat that some find with choosing white is the element of dirt. Proceed with care.
  • Caramel or mushroom. Use it as an accent or within a fabric pattern.
  • Metallics. Gold, silver, pewter, and bronze are amazing accent hues—silver pairs with cool tones.

Feeling bold and daring? Go for wilder and more impactful color pairings. Visit Pantone's website for color inspiration. Each year, Pantone selects a Color of the Year. This hue is seen on runways and, of course, in interior design. Remember, though, that trendy colors become dated. The Color of the Year 2023 is Viva Magenta–a bright magenta. While homeowners can pull this hue into drapery designs, use magenta sparingly as an accent.

Why does gray now look so dated? Ultimate Gray and a bright yellow hue known as Illuminating were the Colors of the Year in 2021. Those who follow fashion and color trends know that three years is forever in the world of style.

Unless homeowners want to swap out their colors for the latest craze consistently, try to grab hues that are not ultra-trendy. Let personal style and the decor and hues of the room guide how to pull together multiple hues within a drapery design. Ditch the pull of color trends.

Drapes with Curve Appeal

Curving lines and swirling designs usher in 2024. Even custom drapery offers elements of curve appeal for the room. Sunshine Drapery's interior designers collaborate with homeowners to create a look that best interprets the individual's vision for the room and their home. Drapery can incorporate curved patterns that accentuate geometric style.

Natural Textures from Nature

Vogue Australia predicts that a 'rustic texture' will dominate 2024. However, Sunshine Drapery predicts that pulling any texture from nature is a win. Choose natural fabrics like silk or linen; hand-woven fabrics add an artisan touch.

Wood blinds pull from nature, too. Choose solid wood blinds that complement the hues of the room. Sunshine Drapery's interior designers can guide homeowners to the best wood stain for every room.

Be Unique

Ditch the rules. All of them. Forget the color duos, the natural textures, the curves. Forget all of it. The biggest trend for 2024 is unique. There are no rules beyond the individual.

Does this sound like a ruse? Too good to be true, perhaps? Most fashion leaders know that the flaw is following the crowd. Thus, they don't follow. They lead. Choosing unique will always be in style.

Embrace eccentricity. Embrace individuality. Choose colors that feel right. Choose textures that style the room with a blissful tone and exuberance. Grab a bold pattern for drapery. Pair drapery with a matching valance. Color the entire room red. Or white. Be true to your personal style. Let the personality's natural compass guide the design.

Living in an Eco World

Green is the new black. The color green isn't trending; let's not color the room in seafoam. Green environmentalism rules the world. Choose sustainable fabrics like silk, cotton, and linen. Even blinds and shades are available in sustainable fabrics and reclaimed wood. Explore sustainable window coverings and embrace the trend of eco-consciousness.

Forever Trends?

Looking at pictures of old homes immediately can conjure up an understanding of a particular period. Some design trends are so ingrained in a period that they proclaim the period in every tiny detail.

In the 1920s, Art Deco ruled decor. Stained glass windows were common, and geometric patterns were infused into home design. The 1930s focused on minimalism (the Great Depression). Moving ahead a few decades, the '70s were synonymous with sunken living rooms, a return to colonial decor (it was the Bicentennial), and shag carpet. The '80s were excessive in every way; home decor featured bold hues or even cute pastels (and floral patterns).

Interior design can date the room. Is anything timeless? Yes…and no. Classic draperies are a forever staple. Choose neutral hues or classic designs. It's also a classic touch to lean the design back many decades. Pulling from the 1920s looks vintage, not dated. It's how one interprets and creates the design that matters.

Looking for inspiration for window coverings? The site Arts & Crafts Homes showcases window coverings inspired by homes from the turn of the 20th century through the 1930s. This was the height of the Arts and Crafts movement, during which Frank Lloyd Wright gained artistic prominence.

FAQ: Design Details

What colors are now out of style?

Colors never fully go out of style, but they do look dated. Gray, of course, is one of the most overused interior design hues. If homeowners want to lean into a color trend or decorate with a trendy color, use throw pillows or other small details to blend into a trend. Want to embrace a past look? Homeowners in the '90s loved peach as a design color. The '70s favored avocado green, harvest gold, and orange hues (very earthy).

Are specific window coverings trendy right now?

Wood blinds always stay in style. Draperies are also a forever design staple. However, if homeowners choose a trendy hue or fabric design, drapery fabrics can look dated. For example, floral fabrics were HUGE in the 1980s.

How can Sunshine Drapery's design team help me create a 'look?'

At Sunshine Drapery, we help every client create the ideal style for their home. Our interior designers guide you step-by-step to create custom window coverings for each room. The design team helps you understand what colors complement your room.

What is the Color of the Year for 2024?

No one knows yet! Pantone will announce 2024's must-have hue very soon! We love these reports, so we can't wait! In the past few years, we have seen the following color trends:

  • Viva Magenta (2023)
  • Veri Peri (2022)
  • Illuminating / Ultra Gray (2021)
  • Classic Blue (2020)
  • In Living Coral (2019)
  • Ultraviolet (2018)

Neutrals are underplayed in the Color of the Year; we're predicting something neutral this year. Maybe caramel? However, StyleCaster notes that Pistachio and Powder Blue are popping up on the runways. The site also noted the prominence of metallics. Could a metallic take the Color of the Year?

Are colors trademarked? Are there any hues homeowners cannot duplicate?

Companies can trademark a color. Tiffany Blue is trademarked. No one can duplicate it, although many have tried. T-Mobile and even UPS have trademarked their colors, too!

Unfortunately, a room will never be the perfect shade of Tiffany Blue or T-Mobile Magenta. Forget the dream of UPS Brown, too.

Many love the robin's egg blue that inspired Tiffany Blue. While walls or fabric won't ever match a Tiffany's blue box, there are near-duplicate shades. No one will ever know it's not the perfect match.

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