How To Measure for Shutters: Factors To Consider

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Shutters are popular because they are beautiful,energy-efficientwindow treatments. Do you know how to measure for shutters accurately? Getting the measurements right is important if you want to avoid mistakes while trying to transform your windows. The premier choice forquality window shutters in St. Louislooks at all you need to get the perfect measurements for your exterior shutters. The tools for this job include a spirit level, a tape measure, and recording materials.

Check the Windows

You can’t install shutters on the window if there are obstructions on either side. Look for obstructions like flagpole mounts, roof lines, etc. Confirm the spaces between neighboring windows to ensure your shutters will not collide. This stage of the process is also when you should check the windows for wood rot and other such problems. You can replace damaged parts before installing your shutters.

Measure the Shutter Depth

Ideally, your shutters should fit completely inside the window compartment. When measuring, start from the front of the window casing to the back of the side jamb or vice versa. If you’re installing premium wood shutters, aim for a void of 1.5 inches. For pine shutters, one inch is fine. If your measurements show the window compartment isn’t deep enough to accommodate functional shutters, you’ll need to install shutter hinges.

Measure Your Window Width and Height

You can’t measure for shutters without considering the window width and height. Start your measurement from the window opening, inside left to inside right. Divide the window width into three and record the narrowest dimension. Deduct the result by a quarter or half an inch to get the right margin for closing the shutters. To find the individual exterior shutter width, divide your final result by two. If your window is less than 45 inches wide, you should only install a single shutter that will open to one side. To measure the window height, start from the inside top of the window opening to the inside bottom. To maintain clearance when closing, repeat the step above by recording the narrowest part and deducting a quarter or half an inch from the result.

Set the Divider Rail Location

The divider rail demarcates the top shutters and bottom set in an exterior window. Generally, most installers leave the divider rail in the center, but you can find a custom location for yours.

Get Expert Help With Measuring for Shutters

You must know how to measure for shutters to confirm your windows are a good fit for this timeless window treatment. Failure to do so wastes valuable time and money. Do you need help? Reach out to us today. Our experienced team will complete your measurement and offer guidance on the right type of shutter. Is the window width too small? Should you choosewhite shutters for windowsthroughout your home? Call Sunshine Drapery & Interior Design today at (314) 916-1889 or visit our stores in Chesterfield or Sunset Hills, MO, to book an appointment.
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