Family Room

A family room is often the most used and lived in room of the house. It’s the informal center of the home where families come together to visit, watch television, play games, or simply hang out. It’s where you’ll find the family Christmas tree. It’s where people gravitate to after Thanksgiving or a big Sunday dinner. It’s a place where people feel comfortable enough to relax, to put their feet up, and their defenses down.

Family rooms tend to be warm and informal however, this isn’t a feeling that happens all by itself. Creating a warm, informal environment takes planning and careful selection of certain décor elements. One of those elements is the choice of window treatments.

Family rooms tend to be more enclosed than great rooms. With walls come windows, and the opportunity to decorate those windows in such a way as to create a sense of inviting warmth. Because family rooms are used so frequently, window treatments in these rooms need to be durable as well as functional. Whether you’re adjusting the light for a better picture on the TV or opening the windows to permit more ventilation, window treatments need to allow easy access and easy use of the windows.

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