How Window Treatments Save You Money

Did you know that the number one loss of heat or cool air in a home comes from the roof?   The number two reason of energy loss is through windows.

One of the best kept secrets to reducing energy loss is with window treatments. The market is full of options, but suffice to say anything you do will be better than nothing at all.

Save Money on Summer Electric Bills Using Cellular Window Shades

Cellular shades are also referred to as “honeycombs” and these types of window treatments combine the same technology as double-paned glass, with the versatility of traditional blinds.  These types of window shades are unique in the fact they trap air pockets next to the window, in order to decrease the amount of heat or cool air lost and to increase the insulation of the home.  The cells or honeycombs of these shades will trap air between pockets of fabric and cause there to be an insulating blanket in between the room and window, which will increase heat in the winter and make it much cooler in the summer time.