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The beach is the perfect way to spend a balmy summer day. Laying out in the warm sunshine while a slight breeze blows across the water, watching (and sometimes joining in) while the kids play in the sand, and of course, jumping into the big, blue waves for a swim. These are all incredible ways to spend a day at the beach. While a stay at the beach is always wonderful, returning home from a beach vacation can be difficult. Switching from relaxed vacation mode to school or work mode is never easy. Additionally, coming home to a bland and uninteresting home can make the return even harder. Especially if you spent your time in a lovely, well-decorated hotel room. To make your return to normal life more bearable, why not try bringing a bit of the beach home with you?Decorating your kitchen with the help of Let's Talk Kitchens and Interiors and bring back the blue and tan beach theme to your house. Here are a few ideas on ways to bring the beach into your home.

Paint the Walls

Giving your kitchen walls a new coat of blue or tan paint will give you the perfect base to build off of when creating your beach-themed room.

Replace Towels and Pot Holders

If you will be hanging towels or pot holders where they can be seen, be sure to purchase new ones to match your new theme. Solid blue or tan will work, but printed ones featuring shells, waves, or fish may be even better.

Create a Beach in a Bottle

nkba-delightful-coastal-kitchen-design-sx-lg-desimetre-beach-inspired-kitchen-ideas-beach-themed-kitchen-ideasFill extra shelf space with a bit of vacation. While you are at the beach, gather small shells and sand to put into a glass jar or bottle and create your very own tiny beach.

Replace Wall Hangings

Beach-themed wall hangings can be found at any craft or home decor store. Pretty shells glued around the frame of a mirror can also make for a pretty wall decoration. Find or make some decor that makes you happy and replace your current wall hangings with your new beachy finds or creations.

Shell Soap Dish

If you can find (or buy) a shell big enough to hold a bar of hand soap, be sure to pick it up to use as a soap dish by your kitchen sink.  

Beachy Bottles

Glass bottles of oil, vinegar, or anything else can be transformed to fit your new theme by gluing shells or pieces of coral to the bottle stoppers. By using a variety of shell or coral shapes and colors, and placing your bottles side by side, you will create a very pretty bit of practical decor.

Replace Window Treatments

This is one part of your decorating you will want to do before you leave on vacation.While family trips are amazing, coming home from a beach vacation to a cool and properly shaded home is equally as lovely. The beach is bright and hot, and returning to a sound home that has been baking in the sun for your entire trip can lead to a miserable first evening back. For this reason, it is important to make sure your windows are properly shaded before leaving for your vacation. This allows your air conditioner to work less while your house remains nice and cool for your return. There are several types of window treatments out there, and even more colors and styles to choose from, so you should have no trouble at all finding the perfect shades, shutters, or other window covering to suit your theme, style, and needs.
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