5 Decorating Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

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Spring is the time for cleaning, but it's also the time to get your home ready for the warm season. If you're like most homeowners, you probably cannot stand your home to look identical during all four seasons; instead, it should reflect the temperature outside. In addition, chances are you will have plenty of parties and get-together during summer, so you want your home to look as good as possible. To help youmake the most out of your spring time, here are 5decorating tips to get your home ready for summer.

Choose Bright Colors

Above all, summer is the season of bright colors. Outside, the flowers are blooming, and fruits are growing in the gardens. Given that wide arrange of colors, no one wants to come in the house to neutral colors. To make your home reflect the warm season, decorate with bright colors. Yellows, oranges, and reds work especially well to reflect the warm season. But even bright blues and greens work well to emphasize summer feelings. Update your curtains, shades, tablecloth, and any other items that can brighten up your home in time for the sun to shine.

Feature Your Flowers

Another feature of summer that is common around the United States, and even the world, is the beauty of flowers everywhere. Featuring these flowers in your home can convey a feeling of sunshine and warmth, without even having to open the windows. Simply take fresh flowers from your yard, or buy them at the local store, and add them to your dining room, living room, and kitchen spaces. Using a unique vase - like a pitcher or a champagne flute for a single flower - can further enhance the decorative aspect of beautiful, fresh flowers.

Create a Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition

Summer probably means spending time outside. As such, your decorating should not stop when you live your indoor living spaces. Instead, aim to create a seamless indoor-outdoor transition, enabling both your family and guests to enter and leave the house without losing that summer feeling. You can create that seamless transition in a variety of ways. For example, consider featuring the same types of flowers inyour indoor and outdoor spaces. Alternatively, use some of your indoor furniture in your outdoor patio area (as long as it's covered), or conversely your outdoor furniture in an indoor living space.

Create Outdoor Light Features

Speaking of the outside: during summer, the weather will be warm enough that even (or especially) as the sun goes down, spending time outside does not have to end. Of course, that's only true if you are not sitting in complete darkness, so consider creating your own outdoor features to light the way. A variety of common household items, like bowls and classes can be beautiful when holding a real or LED candle. If you want to get more fancy, consider re-using that old bird cage you have in your attic for a homemade lantern.  

UpdateYour Window Treatments

Finally, don't forget about your shades as a crucial part of decorating for the summer. Sun means warmth, but warmth tends to lead to heat - and you don't want to overheat in your own home. To make sure that your interior remains a comfortable and cool living space, updated window treatmentsare an absolute must. Depending on the style of the room, choose either shades, shutters, or curtains as your window treatment of choice. Here, style and function come together: you need a design that conveys that summery feeling, alongside material that lets the light in while keeping the heat out. Ultimately, decorating for summer depends on finding the right elements to fit your style. Whether you're creating lanterns, combining your indoor and outdoor design, or updating your window treatments, be sure to choose a design that matches both your personal taste and the season. And before you know it, summer is here and you can begin to enjoy the weather!
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