Proper Window Treatments To Keep Your House Cool During The Summer

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So here we go again..typical summer time in St. Louis and then some!!! The weather people tell us to hydrate and stay in cool places and not be outside for prolong periods of time. So, we sit inside and sometimes we have that air conditioning cranked and we still are hot…what can be done??? One must look inside their home and determine how insulated their windows are. Replacement windows are terrific, but people often forget about the other aspect of window coverings. Window coverings just naturally in themselves add another layer to the protection and insulation. So even if you have something whether its custom or non custom blocking that window, you are a step ahead. However, certain window covering are more insulating than others. For example, if you like a full drapery closing in front of the window, this is huge in terms of energy savings. Draperies with lining are excellent insulators. If you don’t like this and feel it is too “heavy”, then don’t fret because there are other options. A cellular shade is also a good option. This is not heavy like a full drapery and cellular shades come in varying densities of cells. Back in 1996, there were two sizes. Now, many companies not only offer a lot more in sizing, but the construction is even better with layering within the cells. Cellular shades come in opaque and semi opaque…many companies also offer tracking systems on the side to let the cellular material go up and down creating a tighter fit for the light gaps and energy savings. Another option that many people do not think about is the plantation shutter. Plantation shutters are beautiful looking as well as energy efficient when fully closed, they can really darken a room which is a “hidden feature” people do not think about. Draperies, cellular shades, and shutters are some of many window coverings that will help insulate and keep you cool during these hot summer months. Explore the possibilities with an experienced decorator who can bring samples to your home and discuss pros and cons. Remember we are talking about window treatments to keep you cool during the summer. However, new custom window treatments are also “cool looking”.

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