Advantages of Blackout Window Treatments

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In World War II, the English blocked out any vestige of light from their windows in order to avoid being bombed by Germans looking for just such signs of life. In the years since, blackout window treatments have come to mean, if not life-saving anonymity, at least privacy, savings on heating and cooling as well as keeping migraine headache sufferers out of the light. While it is true ordinary window treatments perform some measure of protection, blackout treatments take it to the next level. Here are some advantages of blackout treatments.

Snooze Control

Studies have shown that the blue light portion of the spectrum has an adverse effect on human sleep patterns. When TV screens and computer screens are in the same room with a sleeper, they interrupt normal sleep patterns. Blackout window coverings block this blue light better than ordinary window coverings, allowing sleepers to nod off and stay out like, pardon the expression, a light.


It's no secret that heat and cool air escape through the nearest window, any ventilation services will guide you through it. Between 10 and 25 percent of our heat and air escapes through windows. Normal window treatments curtail this escape to some extent. Blackout treatments, however, fit the windows more snugly, eliminating the smallest chance of heat or cool air escape. Honeycomb shades, for example, curtails heat loss in the summer up to 80 percent. In winter, the same shades prevent heat loss up to 45 percent. This saves homeowners a bundle on their power bill.


Whatever reduces our carbon footprint is good for the environment. When blackout coverings block the heat or cold air from rooms, it is not necessary to blast the HVAC unit. Less of this means quite a savings on the power bill. It also means rooms stay toasty warm in winter or quite cool in summer. Less output is good for the environment.  

Snooze Control Part 2

Nothing is more frustrating to a busy mom than a baby who can't seem to fall asleep. Putting him down in a room darkened by blackout window coverings ensures he'll drop off and stay asleep for a while. If mom has a migraine headache, she will be able to sleep it off (as long as baby stays out, of course). A nap after a hard day at work sounds good to everyone, but it’s often not possible due to the light in the room. Ordinary window treatments allow small shafts of light to enter the room, thus disturbing your ability to fall asleep. This won't happen with blackout window coverings.


No need to worry if blackout window treatments will clash with your furnishings or color scheme. Everything from roller shades to Roman shades and from plantation shutters to blinds and honeycomb shades come in a variety of colors for your convenience. They fit tightly into the window frame, blocking out 100 percent of the light. You can even combine blackout window coverings with draperies for a layered look. It will also help save even more on your power bill. Although they originated in a time of terror, blackout window coverings have come to mean stylish methods of savings and good looks to their users. If you'd like to save money and have window treatments that look great, try some today.
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