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Creating a Comfortable and Welcoming Atmosphere with Window Treatments for Senior Living Facilities

Window treatments for senior living facilities can be an important aspect of creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in any institution. They can help to regulate the temperature in the space, reduce glare and noise, and provide privacy and security. When choosing window treatments for senior living facilities, it is important to consider the needs and preferences of the residents, as well as the functionality and maintenance of the products.

Options such as motorized blinds, shades, and curtains as commercial window treatments can be convenient and easy to use for residents with mobility limitations. Light-filtering or blackout fabrics can help to improve sleep quality and regulate the light in the space. Durable and easy-to-clean materials for your commercial window treatments can help to minimize maintenance needs. By carefully selecting the right window treatments for nursing homes, you can create a comfortable and welcoming environment for the residents of your senior living facility.

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Best Window Treatments for Assisted Living Facilities

Most assisted living facilities have large windows to give a great view of the outside world and let in valuable and natural

sunlight for a homey feel that is comfortable. The shading system for these large windows is very important in your window treatments for assisted living facilities to create an ideal environment that is relaxing and comfortable.

Senior living facilities are usually a combination of many different parts of a building, each with its own requirements for window treatments.

The common areas are shared by the residents, such as dining rooms, activity rooms, living rooms, and game areas all need window treatments for assisted living facilities. You also have individual rooms for the residents that may be a bedroom with a bathroom, or they may also have a mini kitchen in them for convenience. The resident’s rooms can be shared by two persons, or they may be for just one individual as a private room. There are also usually staff members on hand 24/7 for emergency medical care, and these are in separate rooms for attending to patients that may be helped at the facility, and physical therapy rooms, or they may be stabilized in a room to transport them to a hospital.

Maintenance and Care Tips

Common Areas

Any common areas usually work well with adjustable window shades. They take up less room in the windows than blinds do, and they have clean and crisp lines that go with any decor. They can block the sunlight, so the glare is not irritating to the guests when dining or relaxing in common areas. Roller shades give you an almost unlimited amount of fabrics from which to choose to filter sunlight but still allow some natural lighting.

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Residential Rooms

Adjustable solar shades underneath faux wood blinds as a layering effect for window treatments for assisted living facilities work great in residential rooms. This gives the residents full control over their lighting needs. They can open the blinds fully and leave a light-filtering solar shade closed for a bit of sunshine while blocking out the heat and glare on television screens and other electronic screens. When nighttime falls, a resident can close both the shade and the blinds to get soothing darkness and promote better sleep. This combination gives a resident’s room a more upscale appearance as a modern facility.

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Medical Rooms and Physical Therapy Areas

The medical rooms, overnight care rooms, and physical therapy areas in a senior facility are important to have privacy at all times for the ailing and healing of patients. It’s important that the residents also be able to see outside of the window treatments for assisted living facilities, so they don’t feel closed in. If there is more than one person per area, sliding privacy curtains, such as those in hospitals, provide privacy between residents.

Roller shades are commercial window treatments that adjust individually on each window and are an excellent choice for physical therapy rooms and medical areas allowing therapists to have excellent lighting control over their work environments and they can adjust lighting needs easily.

Installation, Maintenance, and Care Tips

You should choose window treatment for senior care facilities that are easy to install and have low maintenance and care. The installation method does need to be very sturdy no matter which window treatments for assisted living facilities you choose because the elderly can sometimes become off balance and may accidentally pull them down if they are not secured properly. Choose window shading systems that take little maintenance and care so that when housekeeping drops by the residents’ room each day, the window treatments only need to be quickly dusted off. The same is true for all of these qualities in the common areas and medical areas for window treatments for nursing homes.

Benefits of Hiring Knowledgeable Window Treatment and Design Experts for Senior Living Facilities

When choosing window treatments for senior living facilities, it’s best to trust the knowledgeable experts with your designs. Professional designers of window treatments in St. Louis know which items work best in specific areas of your institution and can give you several different options in styles and appearance. The number one concern is safety, but you also want to make all the areas feel comfortable, like a home away from home for

the residents. The perfect window treatments for any situation will have function, form, and fashion as well, when provided by professional window treatment and interior design experts.


To have an all-inclusive window treatment for assisted living facilities, they must control lighting, and privacy, be easy to maintain, and make the residents and guests all feel like they are in a comfortable atmosphere they can call home. Attending to all of these needs will make your institution more attractive to potential residents and their families and provide a safe and home-like environment. Contact us at Sunshine Drapery, your premier window treatment store in St. Louis for all your commercial window treatment needs.

Instead of choosing horizontal shades or drapes for your medical offices, choose other types of medical facilities window treatments that can be cleaned easily and quickly, so they don’t harbor allergens or germs. Cellular shades, blackout shades, roller shades, solar shades, and vertical blinds are your real winners in this area for your medical building.