Finding Beautiful and Stylish Window Coverings For Arch-Shaped Windows Can Be Daunting

With the right window dressing, however, arched windows can be an interesting and exciting focal point.  Many coverings can be customized to fit the exact curve of the arch, forming a seamless and terrific looking room.

Panels or scarves on medallions are a great and updated look for arched windows.

Homeowners with arched windows have a variety of ways of dressing the windows, some of which are really cool. Many homeowners leave them bare, so they can enjoy the view unimpeded. Others only draw the curtains at night, because they are a great source of natural light. Some homeowners drape sheers over the arches, while others use blinds and shades to block the sun’s harmful rays. If you’re looking for cool, we have you covered!

Straight Curtain Rods

We can design window treatments to hang from a straight rod. The rod is placed over the arches. In between the arches, the curtain will be gathered, looking like the waistline of a small woman. The result is that the arches are more pronounced and stand out beautifully.

If the sunlight enters at a certain spot in the window arch, place a straight rod just above the space. Hang your curtain material as you would café curtains. This blocks the sun but not the view.

If the arch takes up most of the wall or if there are multiple arches on one wall, attach the rod above the arch(es). Allow the window treatment to hang in the corners of the wall, showcasing the arches. An especially dramatic effect is when the arches are not very tall. The rods are placed beneath the moulding and the material allowed to fall beside the windows.

Swaging the material in pretty ways, with or without hanging draperies, looks good on a straight rod. If the arch is above a series of regular windows, then placing the rod just above the regular windows provides both light and an attractive window treatment.

Arched Rods

Many people don’t know these exist, but they are the source of some beautiful arrangements. One such arrangement looks good when the material is swaged from the center of the arch to the sides and then secured. The material falls in a graceful sweep, or it can end just below the secured spot.

RS Living Room arched swags and panels

Valance the arched rod with the material of your choice. Allow complementing or the same material to drape along the side of the windows.

cornice can be constructed for the arch, from which draperies will flow to the floor. The cornice can be covered in the material of the drapes, or it can be covered in complementing material.


Imaginative and totally cool window treatments can be achieved with the use of finials. Dress only the side of an arch with a scroll, from which draperies will hang to the floor. Use finials to swag the material in any number of ways. For example, place a finial above the center of the arch. Swag the material a foot away, then another foot and so on. Let the remaining material fall to the floor.

Place finials in the center of multiple arches. Secure the loops as you would greenery on porch rails or fireplace mantels at Christmas. Allow the remaining material to fall to the floor.

Follow the shape of the arch with finials to create a swag out of a valance. Allow the draperies to flow to the floor for a classic effect.

Have you seen pictures of what draperies around a bed looked like in olden times? You can create the same effect using finials and multiple layers. The sheers or draperies will hang to the floor.

All that’s standing between you and an undressed arch is pure imagination. Have fun!