How Wide Should Curtains be Compared to Windows?

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Curtains can add the finishing touch to a room. While fabric choice is important, the correct placement of the curtain in relationship to the window is integral to determining the finished look. How wide a curtain is and how wide it is hung will depend on whether the homeowner is going for airiness, elegance, or warmth. Each style is impacted by the method in which it is hung.

Sizing Up Curtains

Rule of thumb is to hang them wide and high. This is nothing new, but needs to be reiterated. Placing curtain rods nine inches outside of the window frame allows approximately three inches of curtain to cover the window pane when the curtain is open. More exposed glass allows more light to enter the room, and more light equals an airier affect. Mounting curtain rods above the window as close to the ceiling as possible allows more light to enter, thereby aiding in the airy affect. It also creates the illusion that ceilings are higher than they actually are which enhances the feeling of spaciousness. Curtains should end ½ inch above the floor. This makes cleaning easier. Wide windows and high ceilings are both features of higher-end housing. They are also traits of elegance. Even if your home has low ceilings and narrow windows, it’s possible to create an illusion of elegance by the correct placement of your window dressings. Again, the secret is to hang your curtains high and wide. In order to enhance the elegance, add a matching shade to the section of the wall above the window. This lends a sense of continuity to the drapery. In addition, curtains should puddle to the floor. This is done by increasing the length of the curtains an extra eight to twelve inches and tucking them underneath in a decorative poof.  

Creating Warmth

The secret for creating warmth using curtains is to do the opposite of above. In other words, low and narrow, but not to the extreme. Mounting curtain rods three inches outside and above the window frame allows less light to come through. The reduced light creates cozy warmth in the room. Using these simple decorating techniques allows the homeowner to transform rooms without a wrecking ball. They are affordable for nearly every budget and can be quickly done in a single afternoon. Knowing these techniques makes it easy for the homeowner to change his or her mind as many times as they want.
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