What is Truly a Window Curtain?

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The word curtain has been around a very long time. In fact, it is one of the most commonly used words by consumers when searching for the appropriate window treatment to cover a window or windows. Consumers Google curtains more than any other word or words including window coverings. So, what truly is a curtain? Curtains are often interchanged with the word drapery. They are made from decorating fabric and there is a wide variety of styles of curtains as well as different kinds of material used. The most common styles of curtains are pinch pleated and rod pocket draperies. These can be purchased as a ready made panel in a packet or they can be custom made by a drapery company. If you purchase curtains in a package, you need to understand that they come in very specific sizes. If you need a size that they do not have, then your curtain will either be too short or too long. If this does not bother you, then the price is right. But also keep in mind that it just will not have the elegance of a curtain/drapery made by a custom drapery company. A custom drapery company will not only make it to the exact size needed to FIT your window, but will use color match thread in the bottom and side hems as well. The beauty of a custom made drapery is that it also does not need to be pinch pleated or rod pocket. There are other versions like goblet pleat, finger pleat and much more…even curtains with decorative buttons. One also has to think about if they want a curtain to cover the entire window or just hang as side panels. If you want it to cover the entire window and open from the center or even draw to one side, then a custom made one is in order. Readymade curtains just come typically in single panels, so the bigger your window, then you will need many of them to go on the rod.   The other aspect to think about is the type of hardware you want to use. A simple white rod is most common, but in today’s world, we see more and more decorative traversing rods. These are available fairly readily for pick up purchases. But again, if you want the look to be outstanding because remember these curtains are like furniture for the windows, you should seriously think about custom. Let us come measure, pick out fabrics and styles and do it all for you in the home and let them top it off with a professional installer.

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