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Many homeowners have at least one sliding glass door or picture window in the home. These large glass doors usually lead to a balcony, backyard, and deck or patio area and can bring in the strong rays of the summer sun, as well as unwanted heat. While vertical blinds are the standard choice for these types of windows, there are other choices which offer privacy and control the amount of light and heat let into the home. The three main types of window treatments for large glass windows include cellular shades, vertical blinds and panel track blinds. Each type has different features which a homeowner may like or dislike. It is a good idea to research the style, think about different needs you have and take the overall style of your home into consideration, before deciding which ones to purchase. Once you buy your favorite style, it's all about installation. Now all you need to do isvisit a hardware shop and get the necessary tools before you can just adorn your windows by yourself. Vertical blinds are the most common type of window treatment and they have multiple hanging slots. Vertical blinds for sliding doors work much the same as they do for windows, with one control for rotating the blinds and one for opening and closing them as well. Vertical cellular shades are the least common choice for large glass windows. These types of shades are made from honeycomb shaped materials which expand and collapse, the left and right sides are movable with handles and shades open left to right or gather in the middle. Panel track blinds have hanging panels, and lie flush to the window. These types of blinds are available in a wide array of colors and materials and patterns. All of these types of window treatments offer privacy and some amount of light control in the home. Vertical blinds offer privacy when closed; only having small gaps along each side which is the space between the slots and the window. Panel tracks offer varying levels of privacy, depending on the type of materials a person selects and these can range from light to complete blackout. Vertical blinds offer maximum privacy and fully cover the window with solid material.   Window treatments for large glass windows can either stack or gather on each side of the window, depending on which way the door opens. Privacy and blackout treatments are available in panel tracks and vertical cellular shades, with panel tracks offering edge binding for additional durability. Another thing a homeowner will want to consider is whether or not a stack is desired, which means all the material would be fully off the window to allow for an unobstructed view of the outdoors, and in this case extra width would be desired, so it is important to remember this fact when ordering your window treatments. Whether it is patio doors, one big sliding glass door or a picture window in your home, there are a number of great window treatments available which will be suitable for your needs and home décor. Check out the large selection of window treatments available in different materials, colors and styles which are suitable for large glass windows and you will be amazed at all the options available and are sure to find just what you need.

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