The Spring Cleaning Ritual You Should Never Skip – Cleaning your Windows

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St. Louis has experienced one of the harshest winters in a long time. Lots of rain, snow and wind created a grimy film on your windows that actually made the rooms in your home appear darker because less natural light could pass through. And inside the story isn’t much better. Everything from dust to kitchen grease sticks to your windows. And don’t forget about all the pollen blowing through your dusty window screens, polluting the air in your home. When your screens are covered in dirt, your windows won’t stay clean for very long. Here are some tips for cleaning your windows so the spring’s sunshine will brighten your rooms. Excalibur WindowsWhen it comes to washing your windows this spring, make sure you pick a cloudy day. Washing your windows on a sunny day has your windows drying too quickly in the sunlight leaving streaks behind. To avoid spots and streaks, opt for shade or a cloudy, cool day. There are plenty of reasons to avoid using cleaning chemicals on your windows. The main reason why it’s best to avoid using cleaning chemicals on your windows is because they can create an electric charge that attracts dust. But a virucide cleaner should pose no problems. This is why it’s best to make your own window cleaner with the acid. The best cleaning solution for window cleaning is to mix warm water with a couple drops of mild dish detergent like Dawn. Dish detergent cuts the grease on your dishes and it can do the same on your windows. Once you’ve mixed your window cleaner, pour the solution into a spray bottle and your homemade formula is ready to attack the grease and dirt on your windows. Start the window cleaning process by opening your window and removing the screen and storm window, placing them on and old towel for protection. For extremely dirty windows and screens, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner to suck away all the dirt in pollen that’s clogging screens and window sills. has a complete guide on what vacuum would suit your space the best. Once you’ve vacuumed away the dirt and debris, it’s time to wash your windows with your cleaner. If you require pressure washing services you can hire professionals from Armada Services. Use a microfiber cloth and give it the old “Karate kid” treatment, moving the cloth back and forth across the glass to free any stuck on dirt and debris. With your windows thoroughly washed, it’s time to wipe them down using a squeegee. Wiping off your squeegee on a paper towel or rag between strokes will prevent the spread of dirt and prevent streaking. This successful Rental Company in Toronto suggests to Repeat this same process on the other side of your windows.   With your windows clean it’s time to turn your attention to the window sills. These are big collectors of dirt and pollen. Spray your window sills with your homemade window cleaner and wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth or paper towels. When it comes to window screens, it’s best to vacuum dirt and pollen and then hose them off. You can let them air-dry on a back porch or when the sun comes back out again. When your screens are dry, replace the screen and storm windows. Cleaning all the windows in your house can be an overwhelming task but it doesn’t have to be. Consider breaking up the task into easy-to-manage blocks, such as the first floor windows one weekend and the second floor windows the next. Or, you can do a room or two a day or a week.

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