Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Draperies

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Although St. Louis’ weather has only occasionally been “spring” like, it is time to begin spring cleaning. That includes freshening up our homes’ draperies. Many find it a daunting task, but there are some simple steps everyone can take before calling in the professionals.

Remove the Accumulated Dust and Pet Hair

You can use a low suction vacuum attachment designed for this and evenly stroke the drapery panels and the lining from top to bottom. If you do not have the right equipment, the panels can be placed in the dryer for 30 minutes on AIR DRY only. This removes the loose particles and revives the fabric. Dust and hair that accumulates mostly at the top and bottom of the draperies can be handled with a clean duster or clothes brush.

Do Some Spot Cleaning

Most fabrics can be spot cleaned with cleaning fluid or an assortment of household products. The key is in knowing the type of stain and the fabric content and always testing the cleaner on a concealed portion of the drapery. There are books and websites that list the appropriate cleaner for each stain. For pressure washing, one can go on to navigate to these guys here that are experts in making anything clean as new. If these steps are not enough for your soiled draperies, contact a reputable cleaner who will clean your treatments in your home. This eliminates the hassle of removing and transporting your window treatments – a big plus when your valances and cornices need to be cleaned. They are, also, less likely to shrink when cleaned in place.   Do not expect the cleaner to work miracles. Draperies that have received little or no maintenance – especially in smoking households – may not be restored to their original condition. Also, remember sun damage to draperies or their linings is permanent. Steps 1 and 2 should be done at least once a year to maintain the beauty and longevity of your window treatments. Done properly, a thorough cleaning should be a rare event.
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